Pictures Finally!

  1. My brother woke me up this morning because he found me batteries for my camera. So thanks Ty! Here are the pics I promised!!!
    Sorry the color isn't that good. My camera stinks! The color matches perfectly to the website. I love it, not too bright but still adds a pop of color.
    I love this bag! It is so classy looking but very casual. I love the style and it is a perfect size.
  2. Sorry I don't know why the second one is huge...they are both resized to the same size...hmmm
  3. The red is really nice!
  4. So I see I couldnt tempt you with chocolate!!!! Just kidding - that is one gorgeous bag. I got the hamptons embossed carryall in red for Christmas, and it is really fun carrying a red bag in beautiful leather! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  5. hey ash... i love your CARLY!! ahhhh its so pretty! love that pop of color, i wish i could convince myself to buy a bag thats not black/brown or white... maybe one of these days i'll have to do a blue bag... :yes: i love that satchel of yours also, it is extremely cute w/that dragonfly keyfob! :roflmfao: i'm gonna get the dragonfly wristlet tomorrow for sure (have to order it though), but what fab purchases ash! so happy for ya! congrats! :love:
  6. lol I fell in love with red right away. I was carrying it around the store and they had to pry it off my shoulder to ring it up. lol
  7. Yay! Ash, glad your in love with your new Carly! I don't think you'll be returning that bag! Enjoy and thanks for the pics!:yes:
  8. I really like the 2nd bag. Is that a Hampton Carryall? What color is it?
  9. LOL... haha ash your too cute! do you got any modeling pics? you should show us how you work that carly! haha :yahoo:
  10. I love that red Carly...enjoy!!!
  11. Ash...that red carly is pretty. It is a nice pop of color without being too bright.
    Congrats and enjoy your new bags.:tup:
  12. Lovely purchases, you did good! :tup: I love the red carly, I know that I suggested the brown, but the red is so pretty and not as common as brown. It's great!

    So now lets see you model those pretty bags for us!!
  13. C'mon Ash, don't hold out on us... waiting on the modeling pics! lol :woohoo:
  14. Congrats, both are amazing!