pics of your stackable rings *PHOTOS*

  1. SMALLS............Your stacked rings are Gorgeous........I enlarged the same photo with better lighting.....below

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  3. I love this thread and I love stacking rings. I've really enjoyed all the pics of you tpf-ers with you favourite stacks. :yahoo:

    Here's mine: 3 Morganne Bello stacking rings
    A2.jpg A3.jpg
  4. My wedding rings stacked with pawn shop rings...
    M2.jpg M3.jpg
  5. MONICA'S STACKING BANDS..............I love these rings:heart:

  6. MONICA'S STACKING BANDS.........I love these stacking bands.....they are so Beautiful!

  7. Love all the rings, ladies!!! crack me up! :winkiss:
  8. Hi little are you? :hugs:
  9. This is my stack minus my engagement ring. Its from the bottom up white gold plain band, diamond band from gaduation, and then my tungsten one thats going to be my wedding ring from my fiance :heart: I can't wait to add to it!

    everybodys rings are so pretty!!
    Picture 0010.jpg
  10. MIZZKITTEH...........I Love your three stacking rings, and it will look even more beautiful when you get your engagement ring!:love:

  11. WOW! These are some impressive stacks - Beautiful.
  12. Tillie: aww thank you! You're so sweet to me! I'm glad you liked my rings! I have my engagement ring already I just didn't think it would be allowed in this thread so I took it off to take that picture! heehe see the little tan line on top of the tungsten one?? :p

    When can we see you stack?? :biggrin:
  13. I've been a "stacker" for 37 years......and my pictures are in another thread. Unfortunately, they are not the best pictures, since I'm camera challenged!:lolots:
  14. Good, my darling...Thank God you can enlarge pics, especially for us vision-challenged gals!!! LOL!
  15. :lolots::lolots::lolots: