pics of your stackable rings *PHOTOS*

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  1. i thought i would start a new thread on the ever so popular, stackable rings. they can be any gemstone you wish, not just diamonds. they can be eternity rings or just rings that are small enough to stack together and interchange.

    it seems a lot of people on here have beautiful stacks, so show us your pics!

    i'll start with mine (but not limited to). nothing as fancy as you ladies out there (swanky, wintotty, et al), but it's a start.

  2. Very lovely! I'll try to post my pics shortly...
  3. diamonds, sapphires
    bottom ring is white sapphire
    (that's a medallion on the ceiling :smile:)

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  4. those are really cool, rainrowan. i love those! do you mix and match a lot? or do you stick with the same look?
  5. wow. i am surprised there aren't more photos posted. i thought for sure when i got home from work tonight there would be at least 4 or 5 photos. what gives???
  6. I have a bunch of stackers ... I'll post pics tomorrow when my kiddos are at school. ;)
  7. ^^^awesome! i can't wait. thanks, lvshoefan2.
  8. Here we go!

    First up is a set from Lauren Klein. The bottom ring is white gold band w/ diamonds with smoky topaz center stone & diamond halo set in yellow gold. Middle two are rose gold 1/4 carat diamond eternity bands (they sparkle like mad!). Top ring is white gold band w/ diamonds and Morganite center stone & diamond halo set in rose gold.

  9. My fingers look so fat close up like that! :sad:

    Next is a set of three: white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold with small diamonds. I saw this set on a jewelry website but the price was insane! I think it was like $750 for the three, so I had an artist on Etsy make me a similar set for much, much cheaper. ;)

  10. I forgot to add another photo of those little diamond eternity bands. Sometimes I wear them stacked with my wedding band. It's kind of a neat look with the rose gold surrounding a white gold band.

  11. These last sets are all from Etsy. This one has two amethysts and an iolite all set in sterling silver.

  12. This set has two amethysts and one blue topaz. I love the way the pear shapes are set horizontally.

  13. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!
  14. I love this set. Bottom to top: peridot, aquamarine, garnet, and blue chalcedony, all set in sterling with some of the center stones bezel set in yellow gold. They represent the birthstones of my daughters and my husband. :smile:

  15. Last set! Set of 9 hammered gold bands. Three rose, three yellow, three white. Super fun!