pics of your stackable rings *PHOTOS*

  1. I love ALL of your sets LVShoeFan2!!!
  2. Here is my stack of rose gold white diamonds, white gold black diamonds and yellow gold white diamonds rings.


    Here is my stack of white RB diamond eternity band, ruby eternity band and RB/marquise diamond eternity band.


  3. hi, I stick to my wedding set, I guess there's not a huge variety like the stackables I've seen. Most of mine are straight bands... I tend to wear one of them along with the larger eternity ring (my anniversary one) in the pic. I particularly like it paired with the 3 stone ring with the blue sapphire tho.

    I love how everyone has their rings stacked on this thread!
  4. these are all gorgeous, diva. thank you for sharing.
  5. i love all of your rings, lvshoefan. gorgeous! especially the ones that you had made from an artist on etsy. can't beat that.
  6. So gorgeous! Where did you get those eternity bands? I've been looking for some good priced ones and I get the feeling you know how to find a good deal (Etsy!).
  7. I LOVE that RB/Marquise band. I've never seen that done before. It's amazing!
  8. cool thread! pretty rings ladies!
  9. come on ladies, keep 'em coming....:yahoo:
  10. i love stack rings, you have so many options
  11. I love stackable rings! They are really pretty stacked together.

    Have a few. Some are with gemstones and some are costume jewellery.

    DiaDiva : I love yours!
  12. OMG~ lovely stack rings...
    I love this thread (even though I don't have many...)
    Will check back later for more pics!!
  13. that's why i love them, as well. i love mix and matching and having a different variation everyday.
  14. so who is this "jeweler" of yours in etsy? :graucho:
    i love your rings!

    im eyeing stackable rings right now (dont have any yet)! i love how you can change the look!