pics of your stackable rings *PHOTOS*

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  1. Here are some more photos, so maybe you ladies can help me choose a band. I'd like a dainty, delicate band, as not to "take away" from my ering... also, I'm really not into having matchy, matchy either. Ooohhhhh, the decisions! ;)



    Thanks in advance, ladies!! :smile:
  2. You may want to start a new thread :tup:
    This is more of a thread to share photos of our stackables! :biggrin:
  3. image-3442896003.jpg

    Hubby got me this ring today :smile: i love it but how the hell i can stack rings with it ????? Lol
  4. they are beautiful
  5. lovely rings!
  6. Gorgeous rings everyone!! So much bling! Need shades.
  7. I just got a nice little stack of pandora rings today! I never looked at this store thinking it was only bracelets and charms...but they have these super cute delicate rings that kinda remind me of vca perlee...I am obsessed!

    From bottom to top:
    Pink opal on bubbles band
    Moonstone on plain band
    Diamond in yg on bubbles band
    Plain bubbles

    I want to get the yg small daisy chain to mix and match with :smile:

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  8. two boring stacks

  9. Here is my current wedding ring stack. Diamond band is my wedding/eternity ring, blue sapphire band was a gift from DH following the birth of DS. Sorry about the fat fingers, still lots of baby weight to lose (though from DD not DS!):cry:

    Does this look ok, or is the gap a bit odd? Thanks!

  10. looks nice :biggrin:
  11. Thanks flower power
  12. Omg this is so beautiful! Where are they from?
  13. Gorgeous!!
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  14. I'm horrible at taking pics of my rings, but here's my stack. Engagement ring, wedding band and eternity band. I got bored with my wedding set, so I decided to add a princess cut eternity band to mix it up :smile: