pics of your stackable rings *PHOTOS*

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  1. Where are all of yours from?
  2. My wedding band is from tiffany and the eternity bands are from my local jeweler.
  3. I love them all! What size is the Tiffany milgrain one? :smile: thanks!
  4. Thank you so much!! Tri-color eternity bands are classic!! :smile:
  5. Thanks you so MUCH ladies! I appreciate you letting me share here ;)
  6. AMAZING collection!!! Love all your rings!!! :smile:
  7. so much beautiful concentrated bling... so many amazing shapes... i am mesmerized!
  8. My today stack:

    My ering and bands has a large gap between. Do they look weird?

  9. ^^^ It doesn't look weird at all, it looks gorgeous in my opinion!
  10. It looks gorgeous! I love a gap. You can really see all three rings that way.
  11. I LOVE a gap! :smile:
  12. I love the gaps with your ering and bands. Mine is like this as well, and I love that you can clearly see the different rings - absolutely beautiful!
  13. Thanks Karo! Initially I had my ering setting w/out diamond on bumps and support bars because it did not want it to rub against the eternity band or vice versa.

    There are times that I like but there at times that I want them to perfect sit close together.


    I love yours. Perhaps I should just get the eternity band that is perfectly match w/ the ering shank.
  14. I prefer a gap! Effortlessly chic!!
  15. Love the all diamond band - do you mind if I ask who makes it? I'm in the market for a band, but have until next March to find one. I will definitely have a gap, as you can see, my ring is curved. I'm open to any and all suggestions from TPF ladies...

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