Pics of my Sophia..FINALLY!!!

  1. Sorry these took so long..This is the (awesome!!!) Sophia I got off of ebay a few weeks ago...Killer deal...Awesome purse..I bought it excellent condition..So I was nervous..I always buy brand new w/ tags so this was a first for me...I paid about $220.00 for it....This lovely bag is brand new...I totally lucked out!!! Let me know what you think of the color...Sorry the pics aren't the greatest but I hurried...:P
    :heart: Emmy
    sophia 002.jpg sophia 004.jpg sophia 009.jpg sophia 013.jpg sophia 015.jpg
  2. Oooh, is that berry? I have that color in Stella. Love it! Congrats!
  3. BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on your new addition to the family!!! :smile:
  4. Thanx slickskin!! The listing said 'violet'....My next quest is a stella...not sure what color yet...There's a black sophia on ebay nwt that I have my eye on too...Christ I'm pathetic!! :heart: Emmy
  5. So pretty Emmy!! Congrats!! The color is gorgeous!:love:
  6. Emmy, you and your bag look AMAZING! It's a totally fabulous color, and at a great price! Absolutely fabulous!
  7. delicious color....
  8. Congrats Emmy! It's very cute!
  9. Love the color! The bag looks fabulous on you... or may I say you look fabulous with the bag! Congrats, I'm so happy to see your pics!
  10. sooo pretty...yay!
  11. Congrats Emmy. =)
  12. OOO! Your bag is so pretty! And such a deal :smile:
    Congradulations :yahoo:
  13. Woooo Emmy, the bag looks cute and you and the bag are such a cute pair!! :graucho:

    I'm trying to add a stella to my collection too! post pics when you get yours. I'm kind of budget constrained for now with all the spending on the christmas presents =P
  14. So purty! What a great color - will definitely brighten up your clothing this season! Very festive too! Enjoy your new Sophia!
  15. Pretty! I very briefly had a wallet in Violet. It is such an incredible shade! Congrats!!!