PICS of my new Blanc Brief with Gold h/w!

  1. hi guys and gals,

    what do you think of the new brief? i actually saw this pretty baby back in January at NM, when i was there to pick up my Chanel..I told my SA i thought the brief was pretty and to give me a call before she sells out the last one. then, my SA calls me on Thursday and informed me that she ALREADY TOOK IT UPON HERSELF TO CHARGE THIS BAG ONTO MY NM ACCOUNT OVER THE WEEKEND(she said there was a double points event at NM and she wanted me to "benefit" from it.) When i went to NM to pick up the purse, i saw another brief there! the bag was not the last one so i really didnt appreciate what the SA did!

    i was absolutely stunned when she told me because i expected at least a confirmation call from her before she charges purses to my card! i thought what she did was rude and i dont think i want to buy things from her for a while, although i am HAPPY to get the brief, my feelings/joy/emotions of getting a new bag has been tainted!

    should i keep the brief??
    baleciaga brief 006.jpg baleciaga brief 007.jpg baleciaga brief 009.jpg
  2. The bag is just GEOURGOUS, GEOURGOUS I TELL YOU!!:drool: :drool: :drool:

    Now to the part of the SA, what is her problem? I would be soooooooooo ticked I would probably not buy from her anymore. Good Luck!
  3. I say KEEP IT! I really like the white with gold, and that style looks good on you too!

    As for the SA...anyone that would take it upon themselves to charge your credit card without having a prearangement to do my opinion should be reprimanded.
  4. Wow, it is a gorgeous bag and it does look fantastic on you, so I would say KEEP.

    I would definately put a call in to management re: the SA's charge to your card and deal with a new SA from now on.
  5. You look awesome! I love the white with the gold! Keep it!
  6. Sorry about your experience with the SA, but that bag is beautiful and looks great on you! Congratulations.
  7. You look INCREDIBLE with the Brief. Absolutely stunning. As for the SA, that wasn't appropriate but don't let her actions take away the joy of your new bag.
  8. I would be pretty upset if a SA took it upon herself to charge my cc for a purse without calling me first. What if you had changed your mind? I understand that she was trying to help you "benefit" from the double points but it only takes a minute to make a phone call before charging a $1500+ purchase. I wouldn't want to deal with a SA that did that.
    On a happier note, I love the GH Brief. It looks beautiful in the white and it looks great on you. Love your dress!!
    You look absolutely adorable!!!
  9. KEEP IT. You wear it well.
  10. You look HOT with that bag! Keep it, keep it!

    I cannot believe your SA did that. Is there someone you can complain to? Does she know you are surprised/upset? I would definitely make sure she does not do that again in the future.....:wtf:
  11. keep it!! it's gorgeous
  12. You look fabulous with the brief, but I completely understand your frustration regarding the unauthorized charge. It was wrong of her to assume she could make the call about the bag. A phone call would have resolve the whole matter, so it sounds like she was hoping she could force a sell by charing it during the NM event.
  13. I think the bag looks great on you. You should find a new SA.
  14. It really looks beautiful on you.I bought the brief in truffle last month.

    Are those Giuseppe Zanottis on your feet?I have similar GZ shoes in black.Great shoes!Looks great with your new bag.
  15. Hi! You look great with the brief and the color's lovely, but what the SA did was unacceptable behaviour... I think you should wear it around the house for a couple of days, and if you think "I can't WAIT until I wear this bag out" you know it's a keeper. If you think of the silly SA everytime you look at the bag you have to take it back, because it means it's not meant to be!