PICS! Natural, Sandstone, Greige, '06 f/w White Comparisons

  1. Since there are so many questions regarding how these similar neurtrals compare, and since some of the pics in the original thread where I did this have disappeared I am going to do it again. I have sandstone to add to the comparison. Here are lots of pics in different lighting. Sandstone is the darkest and the white the lightest. Greige is the next darkest and the 2 in betweens are Natural(2 very different shades of natural). Scroll down. I want this thread to be used for future references so I am going to post several pictures:

  2. More:
  3. Oh my I really really love Sandstone! I'm still waiting for BalNY's phone call when they get it in the Weekender.
  4. Sanstone is gorgeous! Dark enough to not show dirt easily and a color that will go with everything. It's a perfect neutral and the leather on most is very smooshy.
  5. Powder, thank you AS ALWAYS for these great color references. I save all of them in my pictures.
  6. HOW awesome are you?!!! this is great! thanks always for the great pics and descriptions!
  7. Ooohhhh....I never really gave sandstone much thought, but these pics really highlight the beauty in the color.

    Also, as I have said on other threads, I love, love, love that hobo yummy!
  8. powder, your collection blows my mind!!! :nuts: :drool: you are always so generous w/ comparison pix...thanks for being our resident bbag color comparer!!! ;)
  9. I second this. Thank you so much!
  10. And thanks from me too! Your comparison pics are the best.

    I love the look of all colours - especially Sandstone :heart:
  11. powder, this was such a helpful thread for me, especially because I don't have any fair-colored bags. Your pics just confirmed how much I LOVE Sandstone. Mmm...mmm...mmm...can't wait to get my little Sandstone beauty. Sooooonnnnn.......*fingers crossed*

    Thanks so much for posting these comparison pics! I think that you should, if you haven't already done so, include the pics in the Documenting Colors sticky.
  12. Thanks for posting! Great comparison pics! The difference between natural rh/gh is interesting.
  13. It's amazing how different the two naturals are from each other. Every bag has her character. :smile:
  14. Thanks so much for doing that. I love the way you arranged the colors in the different pictures. I have been trying to get a handle on sandstone and that really helps.
  15. Powder, you are undeniably our Bbag color comparison Yoda! :love:

    Thank you sooooo much!!!!

    Oh yes and p.s. now I want a sandstone :push: