(pics) help me decide!

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  1. I'm in the minority, but I like the silver, especially with the spring coming...I tend to wear my black bags less in the spring and summer...
  2. Go with the black. It is a classic.
  3. i prefer the silver, really pretty.
  4. I love the black patent!!
  5. I prefer silver for spring/summer, black patent for automne/winter, sorry if this is of no much help.
  6. Another vote for the Black Patent. The silver one is very rock-chic and looks like a bag to be carried out at night and not so much for work?

    As for the bag being patent, I think it would add a little zing to your outfit. I know what you mean about making too loud of a statement with your work clothes, but remember it depends on what you are wearing! A little patent is like a little bit of pretty bauble - it only enhances the current outfit. What I like about the patent is that you can look casual-chic with a pair of jeans and tshirt too.
  7. I'd go black.

    I actually had the silver and I sent it back - was too difficult to match with
  8. Definitely black patent!
  9. I love both tbh but I'd go for the black ;)
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