(pics) help me decide!

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  1. Ladies, I desperately need your advice.

    I love both of these large Betty's but am gearing more towards the patent.

    I'm a Realtor, would I look crazy showing up for a listing appointment toting the patent black betty??? My attire is typically pretty classy with a white coat, I think it would go well, but not sure if the patent is just too over the top???

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  2. of the two, I think I love the black patent more. They are both gorgeous, but a friend got the silver, and wasnt loving it, and returned it. I think the black will be more classic and go with more outfits :smile:
  3. You wouldn't look crazy at all with the patent. . . beautiful. Is the other silver? If it is, silver is great for summer. I'm not helping, sorry I like both. Probably the patent is better for work.
  4. Black is more classy in my opinion. Metallic seems a bit trendy, although i still think it is gorge! But go with the black if it's for work.
  5. id go for the black
  6. like the black!!!
  7. If my realtor showed up carrying a black patent betty, I would definitely trust her taste in homes!:heart:

    Go for the patent. It's a great work bag, I think, unless you work in a super stuffy environment.
  8. Black Patent! I'd love it if my realtor showed up with that bag! I think I'd have to ask if I buy this house will you throw in your bag? LOL!
  9. I Luv the black!
  10. Oh my gosh, you guys are all cracking me up ! Black is the winner, I'm so excited, I can NOT wait :smile: !!! :yahoo:

    Thank you all so MUCH for your help. I love I can always depend on PF
  11. Silver is more over-the-top than the black patent IMO. Plus, I just love the patent. Get it, get it! :yahoo:
  12. Black patent. By a mile!
  13. ITA! :yes:
  14. Black patent, and will you please sell my house for me? I'd trust a realtor with a Chloe bag.
  15. Black Patent~
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