Picked up my 2nd MJ tonight, rop

  1. It's a black Blake :yes: At first I thought it was too boring, but then I tried it on and thought it looked so sharp :love: . It was on sale at NM for $541 (with tax) and I don't have a black bag so I decided to get it.

    Is $541 a good price? How much does the bag retail for? The SA said it was on sale cuz they are discontiuing the Blake in black - does that sound right?

    Sorry no pics cuz my desktop (with the camera software) is acting up and I am on my lappy. My first MJ is a satchel in true red :heart:
  2. OMG where did you find that black Blake!? I don't think the Blake is being discontinued at all! They just came out with it in cream, black with black stitching, and in a dark green for fall. Maybe it went on sale because the white stitching?

    I think it now retails for $995... You got a GREAT deal! Which NM was this, btw?
  3. wow-ok..I am so jealous..sniff..post pics
  4. NM at KoP Mall.

    thanks :smile: just looked it up and it looks like in the fall the black Blake will have gold hardware and black stitching.and mine has silver hardware and white stitching. it retails for $995 so I got half off, cool :smile:
  5. OK-KILL ME NOW..THATS MY MALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!argh....good deal!
  6. congrats.... thats a good deal.
  7. Congrats! You got a great deal! I think I paid almost $1,000 for my black Blake.
  8. Congrats on your Blake! Awesome deal!
  9. We need photos!
  10. Congrats! I really want a blake. Post pics when you get a chance!
  11. Virgo, you got an unbelievable deal for a Black Blake! =) Congrats!!!
    Your combination is from several seasons ago and is sold out at many locations, last season's Black Blake has White Stitching with Gold Hardware. Yours is preferred by a lot of us here -- silver hardware!

    So happy for everyone's great finds. =)

  12. :wtf: we should have gone there.
  13. Wow, congrats hun! That is a good deal!!!
  14. congrats! what a marvelous deal!!!
  15. Thanks everyone!!

    The only reason I am hestitate to keep it is the white stitching.....what do you think of the white stitching on the black Blake?