photos of OCEAN & DARK OLIVE giant SILVER hardware

  1. these are from my SA at BalNY. Personally, I'm a bit let down by the ocean. The dark olive is nice, and I have a feeling it must show more olive in different light. What do you all think?
    dkolivegiantsilverbrief.jpg dkolivegiantsilverpt.jpg oceangiantsilverday.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting these! I think the dark olive is very pretty and rich (like you said, it probably does show more olive in other light because I don't see much there). Ocean is not as deep as I expected. I think the silver HW is quite nice! Thanks again for sharing!
  3. Not really digging either.. Holding out for Jaune (and my Magenta of course)
  4. The olive color looks so yummy- and I agree with you, the ocean is a bit underwhelming.
  5. Here is a picture of the Cinammon which i really like and Steel with SH.:graucho:
    dsc04059[1] (3).jpg steelgiantsilverday[1].jpg (3).jpg
  6. ITA! The olive leather is tdf. Thanks for posting the pics :heart:

  7. Pretty! Thanks for the pic, too!:yes:
  8. The olive compliments the silver HW very nicely, the ocean def. pops out at you if you're into that color. :yes:
  9. Ocean IRL is much darker than in the photo.
  10. Wow! A/W 07 leather looks incredible! I think Bal has finally listened to us!
  11. That Cinammon leather looks great :drool: And I rather like the silver hardware. Dang!
  12. Angel, my SA said that photo above was pretty much how ocean looks. She also sent this one (so I could see a more distressed leather), but she said the first was much better, as far as color rep.
  13. the steeel looks black!! please tell me its not
  14. cuteusername, do you know when BalNY got the Ocean Day with the GSH? I thought I was on the waitlist for the bag, but have not received a call :sad:

    Does anyone know what happens if you are on the waitlist, the bag comes in, but your SA is gone?
  15. Wow you guys, I am LOVING the leather on these bags! The Olive is gorgeous but not for me and the none of the others are thrilling me but that leather... :drool:

    Thanks for the pics!