Perming for Asian Hair?

  1. Oh my gosh, my mom used to get my hair permed with hers three times a year when I was young. That was back when perm solutions smelled like that strong rotten egg odor (at least that's what the old school Asian salons used). Yuck! Anyways, when I just got out of college and moved out on my own, I decided I wanted the wavy look, so I got a perm done at one of those fancy expensive salons. It just turned out bad - kinda half wavy, half curly and I ended up spending way more money each weekend going to another salon and getting it blown straight. I got it blown straight for about 5 months until the perm worked itself out. I'd never do it again!
  2. Hey everyone.. Im Leobabe.. Turning 21 fr Malaysia based in Ipoh.. Im new to this forum thingy.. Ive had wavy hair all my life where i used to tie them in plats.. Then 4 yrs ago i decided to rebond my hair.. Ive done it 2 times over the years.. My last was about a year ago.. Isit advisable tat i curl my hair now?? Will it work?? As my hair is getting back to its normal texture i was thinking of Rebonding the top n perming the bottom.. isit advisable to do this?? N wat kinda perm is nice?? Is there any site or pictaz tat i can compare the curls n see which will suit me better??

    p/s- Any1 From Ipoh?? Can u suggest me a good saloon??

    Plzz excuse my english.. Too many short forms n smsin language..
  3. i got a salon perm a few years ago - i am eurasian - i have straight thick chinese hair. thanks mom! and i hated it. biggest mistake of my life. just use hot rollers like others have suggested. that's what i do now that it is grown out completely.
  4. Is there a difference between a digital perm and a body wave, or no? And do either of these give results like Jessica Simpson's beautiful big, loose curls?
  5. Oh! I have Asian hair (well, cuz I'm Asian). and I say... PERM IT!!! so, my hair is super straight and my sophomore year in high school I decided to get a normal, wavy perm--bad choice. My hair basically held the perm for almost two weeks, and thereafter, it went straight.

    In April, I got a digital perm (also known as ceramic perm) and I LOVE it!! it's wonderful because it looks as though you always do your hair in the morning...basically, if your face doenst look great, at least your hair does :smile: Additionally, it's been over 3 months and my hair still obviously has curls!

    The difference between a normal perm and a digital/ceramic perm is that a normal perm creates waves like ~~~~ while digital/ceramic perm creates loose curls, like a curling iron.

    so..get the digital/ceramic perm!! =)

    I'll try to add pictures tomorrow as an example for you :smile:
  6. Ha! decided since I had nothing better to do, might as well post hte pictures now.. lol

    this is what it looks like when I was getting it done..


    3+months later... how I look RIGHT NOW (I took this just for you! )--after taking a 4 hr nap and being out the entire hot/sweaty day!


    hair's grown out a small tad, but when they permed it, they permed it to about my eyes/top of my ears. It's 2am here and the permed hair looks better than it would if it was just straight!
  7. I love love loveeee your hair letsgo! Can you only get a digital perm in asian salons?
  8. OMG I love your hair letsgo!
  9. aw thanks gracie and think2day! :smile:

    i'm not clear whether it is only available in asian salons, but from what I know, it "originated" in Asia (--years ago, so we're FINALLY starting to have it in the US).
  10. Perm it! but do find a place that does REALLY good job, otherwise it's a mess. ask for digital perm if possible
    I permed my hair more tham 6 times in 4 years, got some bad job 3-4 times. After that I stick to 1 hairdresser even if I have to fly out of town just to get my hair permed.

    no perm.. natural stick straight hair

    with perm (back when my hair was shorter)


  11. any chance you live in US? if yes, what salon did you go? Your hair looks great!!
    I'm looking for good hairdresser who can do perm properly in US (My regular salon was back in my home country)

    - P
  12. i'm korean with very long highlighted hair and had it permed in november and repermed in january. i had it relaxed/straight permed in june and all of the highlighted areas are FRIED. the highlights are so dry that it breaks off when i brush it. I asked to get a deep conditioning treatment done but the stylist said the fried areas were beyond repair and that the only solution is to keep getting it trimmed until it's all removed.

    in short, the double chemical treatment of coloring and perming will destroy even the most healthy, strong hair.

    i will say though, that while my hair was curly and highlighted it looked GREAT :smile:
  13. I said if you are unsure then don't do it. My experiences were always bad and I always regretted it afterwards....the digital perm is interesting though
  14. Eek, that's my main worry JennieLee. I have highlighted hair too, and I don't want to completely FRY my hair if I get a digital perm.

    Letsgo, your hair looks SO good. Could you tell us which salon you went to, and which city it's in?