Perming for Asian Hair?

  1. I've do rebonding 8 months ago. If I perm my hair, will my hair damage & the curl not natural ?
  2. I recently met this asian girl that had her hair permed. it was fried her WHOLE head.
  3. I'm Asian with thick, full, straight Asian hair, and I've been permed for over a year. Most people think my hair is naturally wavy--even people who knew me pre-perm think I let it grow out into a wavy state. I get it re-permed every 6 months because my hair holds the waves really well. Even though 6 months means a lot of growth between perms, it doesn't look weird or unnatural. A lot of naturally wavy hair begins to curl a few inches from the scalp.

    I think it really depends on where you go for the perm. If you go to a higher end salon that use quality products and train their staff well, then it will look very natural. If you go to a place where the staff isn't trained and don't use the latest products, it will probably look horrible.

    I just use a hair treatment mask once a week and put some Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom in my hair while it's still wet every time I shower. It doesn't look damaged at all. And I used to have completely bleached hair because I had it dyed pink for a while so the ends are probably damaged from that, but it looks normal.
  4. I've tried both coloring, highlighting, and perming my hair. It really depends on the type of perm and who is doing the perming. A good stylist will know the right amount to use because everyone's hair is different. I always get my hair permed by the same stylist and it's great~ However, he does advise against perming AND coloring at the same time. He said to wait at least 2 weeks before coloring after you've permed your hair, and even then it depends on each person's hair's characteristic.

    I have a short and round face, therefore I find perming my hair to be a great technique to make my face look shorter. I absolutely cannot do the straight perm because it serves to make my face fatter. My hair is currently not permed as I'm letting it rest for a bit. however, I'll most likely go back to perming it when winter comes. I've stopped coloring my hair because it's a bit pointless to do so when my hair is already naturally brown ...

    Btw, I found having wavy permed hair to be much lower maintenance than layered hair. I don't even have to blowdry it. Just put a little bit of gel and leave-in conditioners and let the hair dry. Voila~~
  5. rebonding is very drying to your hair as it is. you should give it a year before perming. i have rebonded hair too and it can be quite drying when i don't do any hair treatments, worst i have coloured hair too so double whammy!! then again, it depends on the current condition of your hair, or check with your hair stylist.
  6. What's rebonding?
  7. rebonding is getting the hair straighten chemically. even after a wash, your hair is still straight, saves time in the morning, just and go.
  8. Thanks!! Hm, it does sound pretty harsh on the hair ...
  9. I'm asian and I have full, thick, frizzy hair. I rebond my hair once a year since its easier for me to handle. I still use a straight iron from time to time to make it super straight. I dont want to overly damage my hair so I pick either rebonding or coloring and rebonding it was. I'm jealous with all you ladies that have fine, super straight hair. Guess I want what I cant have!

    I would also love to have curls. I normally curl my hair with a iron on special occassions since it takes 45 minutes. I have my sister do it because she works wonders curling my hair with a straight iron!
  10. For the past few years I been getting my hair chemically staightened so I permed my hair last month in NYC and it turn out really good, better than I expected. :love: The hair stylist only permed the lower half of my hair. My curls are like big spiral curls. :yes:
  11. I just got a perm...actually, a body wave on Sunday and I love it. I was a bit scared so I told them I wanted loose curls. It turned out great, but now I want tighter curls. Oh well, next time. They asked me which solution I prefered and I said an expensive one. My hair is shiny and silky and I only use this one shampoo for curly hair. I forgot what brand. I think its Biolage. Then I use the Wella mouse. It's really low maintenance compared to my straight hair in which I had to wash and condition and blow dry. Now I wash, towel dry and just scrunch in some mouse.
  12. i just got a body wave last weekend and I LOVE IT =)
    best decision i ever made. my hair doesnt get as oily and flat as it used to and it has SO much body... i just use biosilk and some texturizing sprays (by john frieda) and it look great all the time!
  13. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! PLease I'm trying to Save you!!! I did it and it's horrible! Curley/wavy hair is so much harder to take care of and you'll have tangles and its just horrible. It's been 1 year and it still hasn't grown all out and I have to live with it. It's horrible. I know you posted in March and it is now Sept, but just in case---DON'T!!!
  14. Hi everyone,
    I am new to this forum, but wanted to add that, if you can find it, the rebonding wave is supposedly one of the best for asian perms. it should give you soft waves with minimal damage.

    Btw, *pursegalsf* how did you get your haircolor? it's gorgeous! i have been looking to lighten my hair at home but it just gets reddish/orange.
  15. I say stick with the hot rollers! Remember to use a heat protecter on ur hair! It will keep your hair nice and healthy!