Perming for Asian Hair?

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  1. The hair straightening and hair-do threads inspired this one.

    I have very long hair (couple inches below bra strap on back) and like my hair wavy/curly. The way I usually do this is loosely french braid it when damp and let it set overnight. However, this is kinda a pain in the butt and I was thinking about just getting it permed. I used to dye my hair a blond colour (so it's been bleached), but now just dye it a dark brown at home.

    I'm not sure if the perm will kill my hair. Any advice? Also, if you get a perm, do you have to keep doing it every couple of months? Cuz its kinda ugly when it's half curly and really frizzy. Plus, do you have to wait for the permed hair to all grow out to have straight hair again?
  2. i wouldn't get a perm, i've never ever seen a perm go well.

    there's an asian girl at my work who uses hot rollers to curl her hair and it always looks very nice. maybe get some of those and leave them in for a few minutes while you're getting ready in the morning?
  3. They have some kind of special perm that gives big loose waves. It's not like a chemical perm, it has its own special name... bah! Memory is shot. I'll recall it in a little while.
  4. Don't do it! I had a perm when I was 14 and it was horrible. It damaged my hair!
  5. I say do it - perms are different these days - much better than the horrible 80's stuff. I got one this summer with big waves (not small kinky ones) and loved it! I'm getting it done again. btw - my hair is 3 inches past shoulder.

    Just make sure to get lots of references, ask them if they do perms on a regular basis, talk about the result you want and of course, best of all is if a friend of yours has used the stylist.

    I usually touched up a few pieces here and there w/ a big barrel curling iron if i left it loose too.

    Hope you try it! :biggrin:
  6. Is it a body wave??? My friend had it done and it came out really nice
  7. My cousin got a perm when she was a teenager. She strongly advised me against it. Then my mom told me in some cases, your hair may never grow back the same way again.
  8. I permed my hair too and I'm loving it. I used to have my hair rebonded (straightened) for 3 years. I got bored and decided to perm my hair. I went for a digital perm (it has been a year and it still great), but just last week my sis went for a newer type of perm called a ceramic perm. It won't damage your hair as long as you put a hair-mask cream (from loreal or kerastase will do) on your hair everytime you washed your hair. It's a lil' bit of hassle, but all you need to do is spending extra 15 mins in the bathroom. It is worth the hassle :amuse:

    Once you've permed your hair, you need to pay extra care & attention with your hair, it's totally different with straight hair. You'll need to get the hair-care treatments, shining spray, the foam, hair-spray, hair-creams, shampoo, conditioner, gels, etc (I attached the pic of my basic hair necessities). If you don't mind spending an hour or two on your hair to look good, I'd say perm it! Because permed hair won't look good if you don't put gel, spray, etc.

    Until now, I still like my curly hair better than my straight rebonded hair. If you put color & highlight on a permed hair, it'll look way better than black/dark-colored hair. You can see the waves/curls way better with lighter-colored hair :P

    I hope it helps. Pardon my english, it's my 2nd language :shame:

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  9. wow, that was really helpful! thanks!
  10. No problemo! :lol:
  11. Get the digital perm then.. I heard it does require maintenance but its better than having to braid your hair every night :smile: Plus its really pretty.
  12. I've always had very straight long hair, never used any chemical (dyes/highlights) and recently decided to switch it up a bit. I don't like the regular perm as it makes you look really old (for Asians especially that is). I got the setting/digital perm and it looks weighed down,and loose curls towards the bottom half of your hair length as if you used rollers. They have to layer the hair quite a bit to make it look good for the perm. It's relatviely easy to maintain. I just get out of the shower, towel dry, spread some Frederic Fekkai glossing cream and twirl the hair into about 5/6 sections and the curl stays that way and doesn't go all over the place like the puffy perms. Maybe I'm used to never having to do anything w/my hair, thus I notice that my hair is not as silky and soft as it used to be. I wash my hair every other day and the good thing is towards the 2nd day, my hair doesn't get flat and slightly greasy anymore. It's a bit coarse. But digital perm last farily long time, so I do it only every 6 months. Plus, if you're braiding wet hair by any chance, it's not supposed to be good for your hair and also can have a smell to it.
  13. I got a perm once and I still consider it the worst decision I've ever made. All the chemicals damaged my hair tremendously...I mean...they were breaking pretty darn close to the roots...For a couple of months I had a spikey front (somewhat like a chia pet) that I could not tame for the life of me. I think that my hair just wasn't strong enough to withstand all the chemicals. And I must say...maintaining a perm was a little bit more work than I'm willing to do.
  14. I'll just throw my two cents in here and say that perm solutions are very different now,and much easier on the hair. As long as the stylist is with you monitoring the process the whole time and not cutting 4 other heads of hair at the same time and they are experienced with perms, it should be a totally different experience than most people remember.:biggrin:
  15. Digital perm was what I was thinking of. I've been considering this myself.