Perforated Zippy Wallet...Thoughts?

  1. Your thoughts on this?? I think the fushia color in the interior is gorgeous! But do you think the little holes in the front look weird & funky? You can't really see the LV monogram pattern until you put the wallet in a distance so it doesn't look too classic. What are you thoughts on it? Thanks! Anyone have any pictures of the perforated wallet? :yes:
  2. i dont have any pics but i wish i got one in fuschia when it came out! so pretty!
  3. aww. too bad i never got to see one.
  4. On the contrary I think the holes make the wallet cute and hip, and tone down the monograms that usually feel 'too loud'. I have one with fuschia and love it - have gotten lots of compliments in the last year or so. If you can get one, I'd recommend it. Have you tried calling 866-VUITTON?
  5. if you plan on getting one, I like Fuschia then the Orange best.
  6. I bought one on impulse on ebay.......will receive it soon....I don't have any monogram LV I am worried about this wallet. I don't have anything love the interior..but just not sure about the exterior of the wallet. My friends don't like them...thinking that the wallet look fake & it's not as classy. :crybaby:
  7. I bought the fuschia!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  8. I think they are cute!