Perforated Flap Bag

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  1. Has anyone seen any of the Marc Jacobs white perforated flap bags in any of the local Saks stores? It is on sale at BG & NM, but I think Saks had them for a lower price. Thanks for your help. kim
  2. I believe these bags all sold out at Saks during their summer sale. I haven't seen any lately, but I really doubt Saks would still have them in stock. If you have a good Saks SA, she can look up stock nationally for that bag.
  3. Thank you again, Thithi. K
  4. This Perforated line was 70% off during Marc Jacobs Boston sale a few months ago. Some reputable ebayers have this bag, let me see if I can find you the listings.
  5. I bought this bag in whiskey.....and I absolutely love it :smile:

    Good luck with your search! Let us know how it goes
  6. Is the whiskey a brownish shade? I thought white would be great for next Summer, but then I wouldn't be able to use it for quite awhile. Do you know what other colors it came in? Thanks.
  7. Purple, White, Whiskey (picture from NM), Yellow (Nicole Richie pic from celeblife)
    whiskey.jpg yellow.jpg
  8. me no likey. lol
  9. Thanks for posting the pics - Bag.lover. I really appreciate it! I still really like it in white. Nicole's bag in yellow is pretty, but it isn't practical for me. I do like the Whiskey, too. I will have to wait until my trip to Chicago & see if I can buy anything in person. I think I am just getting anxious!!
  10. I've always liked the purple one myself, but I've only seen it on NAP, not any of the other dept stores.
  11. I love the violet one! It´s on net-a-porter for 539 pounds.
  12. Thanks Bag.lover. I saw it on sale there too. I wanted to know the experience people have had w/luisaviaroma. I have never ordered anything from overseas. I emailed them asking them what the cost of shipping, duties, etc.. would be. The purse is a great price, but I want an estimate of my total cost. Also, when I clicked the picture of the whiskey bag the white bag looked off white w/gold chains. I am assuming that is just the coloring of the photo. I don't want to get my bag & have it be something totally different than what I think I am purchasing. They haven't gotten back to me via email. I may just take my chances.
  13. ^ LVR & NAP are completely legit, a lot of members order from them. =)
  14. I just saw this bag on sale at one of the online department stores. Either NM, BG or Eluxury.