Perforated Bleecker Cooper in cornflower

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Very pretty! Love it in this color. Congrats!
  3. Thank you. The color is darker in person. I'm actually on the fence about whether I'm going to keep it or not.
  4. Bag twins! Love it!!
  5. I'm reading your location. We must be from the same area.

  6. I think it's so pretty...what are you unsure of?
  7. Love the bag...on my phone it looks white.... but that's just my dumb phone....I'm betting the cornflower is gorgeous.
  8. So Madison Cornflower has light gold hardware, and Bleecker Cornflower has silver? Or is this powder blue?
  9. Why on the fence? Love the color (and assume it's as dark as the other cornflower handbags). If it's the lack of slouch you're concerned about, be sure and un-stuff her, and let it sit overnight with the "wings" shaped down. I have several Coopers (not that one yet, same one in Tan is on order)... but once they slouched and took their shape, I liked them much better!
  10. Really like it!
  11. Very pretty! Unsure? Please explain.
  12. I haven't had time to even take it out of the bag. That pic was taken at work. I took a very early lunch to go pick it up. It had arrived at my Coach store yesterday but thanks to the millionth snow storm this week I couldn't go pick it up. More snow was predicted today so I ran down early and picked it up. Took a quick look at her and packed her back up. I have the peach rose embossed and that one needs some slouch also.
  13. Hi!
    Where are you from? I'm (obviously!) in Massachusetts!
  14. Southern NH. I shop Coach at the Mall at Rockingham Park Salem NH. Also, Burlington Mall.
  15. It could be I'm in a funk from all the snow. I'm not going to make a decision on the bag right away. I'm going to hang it along with my peach rose until the both slouch. I used my peach rose on Sunday and it didn't slouch a whole lot. Not like my birch gray which is a delicious puddle of slouch. :love: