perfect cupcakes?

  1. I love to make cupcakes myself. I often decorate some boxes and give some to friends and family. I allready searched for some recipes but couldn't find the perfect one yet.

    How to make delicious frosting?
  2. That is one thing I always buy. I just cant get them as soon as bakery cupcakes!
  3. I have no idea but I think it probably involves one of those awesome kitchen aid mixers that I haven't gotten around to purchasing yet.

    But it would be neat to have cupcakes that ooze a blood-like substance for Halloween.
  4. Have you tried using a recipe out of the Magnolia Bakery cookbook? I just saw it in the stores last week-the Magnolia Bakery here in NY is famous for it's amazing cupcakes-i bet a recipe out of there would be great!
  5. Any kind of frosting you prefer/are looking for? Buttercream, something fluffy, cream cheese, etc.?
  6. ^^I don't know :shrugs: I'm really clueless.

    Over here cupcakes aren't popular, not one bakery sells them with frosting. You can't buy frosting here and there isn't one dutch book with a good recipe.

    Ow and I don't have an expensive kitchen aid mixer. (I do have a regular one)

    I always make frosting with melted butter, sugar, milk and some vanilla. It's ok but I want them to be great, not ok...
  7. Nutella makes a great super-fast cupcake frosting.

    In the States, traditional cupcake frosting is made with powdered sugar, butter, and milk. Whip the softened butter in your mixture, then beat in a little vanilla and the powered sugar with your mixer. Add milk a little at a time until you get the right consistency. Start with 1 stick (1/8 kilo) of butter. Never use margarine or any other substitute for butter.

    If you want to add chocolate to the above, melt it very slowly and add to the butter - alternating with the powdered sugar.

    You can also add a small spoon

    If you want the very best frosting, get a Parisian bakery cookbook from the library. Those frostings use regular sugar heated with water to a specific temperature. Then you add unsalted butter and other things. The sugar syrup is not easy - it takes practice.

    I love cupcakes! Have fun!
  8. Try not melting the butter, just soften it to room temperature. Add powdered sugar, real vanilla extract and then either whole milk or cream (just a tiny bit at a time until the texture is right) and whip it A LOT so it gets really fluffy. It should come out good. I've never heard of melting the butter, except to make chocolate frosting where the chocolate has to be melted. That may be the problem...
  9. Thanks! I will try to do that with the butter!
  10. SOO GOOOD! thank you sex & the city tour..
  11. I bet Martha Stewart has a great one...try her website.
  12. Drooooooool..I'm craving cupcakes right now...stupid PMS.

  13. I copied that recipe from the bakery. Thanks. I usually use Martha Stewart's recipes.