People amaze me, compliments from 'fakers'

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  1. So, at Nordies Tuesday night, this lady with a super bad fake, complimented me on the silver speedy...I said thanks, and started to turn away....but she would not stop....started chatting me up about how much she loved LV and was glad to have a store at VF, but was closed for a private party tonight, wasn't that dissappointing...blah, blah, blah.

    I didn't know quite what to
  2. She must have thought her bag was real!? Right??
  3. heheh! Giggle and let it pass.

    I guess she really wants a real one or maybe doesn't realise hers is fake. Oh well.
  4. Maybe, but it was a weird fanny pack thing that isn't even close to any style made and just gross...

    idk, that's what surprised me...if you love it so much, how do you not know.
  5. Yeah, you would think. I don't get that as it does happen quite a bit. I have people chatting me up about LV flashing their big fakes and I am like :confused1: .

    On another note it shocks me that LV really does make fanny packs! LMAO
  6. :roflmfao: Too funny! :roflmfao:
  7. UUUH, if she loved LV so much, then she would know why her bag's a FAKE! lol
  8. That's so strange...
  9. I'd feel weird. Maybe she thinks it's still considered LV even if it's fake? :huh:
  10. What crossed my mind was....maybe since miroir isn't that well known, maybe she thought it was a fake....and she was complimenting faker to another...yegads! I hope not
  11. Some people are just clueless. Maybe someone gave it to her and passed it off as real? Poor thing.

  12. OMG :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That might be true! OH gag!

  13. eeeeeeek...that would be weird..but would not surprise me if they don't know their bag is fake, how do they know one when it is real.
  14. Ick. You mean she felt some affinity towards you? Sorry, but lol. You know what you're about anyway.
  15. I just smile politely and don't comment on the fake. I hate fakes, but I worry that someone may not know theirs is since it was a gift and I don't want to ruin something that brings joy to them. :shrugs: