Peeling Neverfull straps, a Happy Ending and a reveal....


Charlie's Mom
Jan 19, 2008
Mexico, DF
So, I bought my first damier bag, a beautifull Damier Neverfull MM, in august of last year, and absolutely fell in love with her. Low and behold, six months later the straps started to peel at the bottom near the petals, eeekkkkk! :cursing:Went into complete panic mode!
Last week I took her to the store where they told me that they had never seen that happen to a bag before; so they proceeded to take pictures of the damage and told me that they would be sending them to France to see what they said.
I get the call today telling me to stop by the store since they had a resolution for the problem. I go and- Tah Dah!!!!! They exchanged her for me in all of her "Made in France" glory!!!!!:yahoo: I'm so happy!!!
Great Customer service indeed since I bought the bag in Florida and I now live in Mexico City. The S.A.'s are so great here! I'm going to try to post the before and after pics.

First two pics are of the old bag, the third is my new baby at the store and the others are of her at home.


Aug 6, 2009
Congrats! That's a wonderful result! I got my Damier NF MM 3 months ago and it's doing the exact same thing on all of the petal bases so it's comforting that some stores are willing to exchange. Enjoy your new bag :smile:

Bag Lady 923

Mz. More
Sep 20, 2006
Congrats. I was having the same issues with my 6 month old Neverfull MM and took her in yesterday and also received an exchange. I received a "Made in France" one as well. Thanks for the motivation, I would have never took her in. :biggrin: