Pebbled Leather Ergo Totes

  1. In the early spring catalog, they have the large tote pictured (11640) in pebbled leather. It's on p. 39...but doesn't come up on the drilldown or or yet. It says it will be available in February.

    However, on eBay there are or have been a couple of the medium (11615) and I bought one this week.


    Does anyone know if the medium has already been out? It also doesn't come up on, it's not in the catalog that I can find, but it is in the drilldown.

    I will post pictures when it comes!
  2. I can't answer your question ,but I love that bag as well.
  3. Thanks! ;)

  4. Hi - I saw the one on page 39 in my local Coach store tonight - it looked like what you have pictured here, but it had one of those brass turn latches instead of the snap. I don't know much about Ergo, sorry for the inaccurate description. But it was in a buckskin kind of color - light tan - really pretty.
  5. Some select stores like Las Vegas and New York City may be carrying them, but these people who are selling them online could have ordered them through JAX, the Coach Warehouse. You can usually order items before they are released into stores. Did I answer your question? Sorry if I didn't, but I hope this helps a little
  6. Well, the bag came today. I really like it! It is 11615 in black pebbled leather.
  7. Here are the pics...sorry these are duplicates from the Ergo Lovers thread!
    Pebble 1.jpg Pebble 2.jpg Pebble 3.jpg
  8. I'll say it again......GORGEOUS!!!!!!! CONGRATS~!!!!!!!!
  9. I love it with that scarf!! It looks great! Congratulations!
  10. Pebbled leather rocks!
  11. Love it. Looks so cute with the scarf.:drool::drool:
  12. i am in phoenix, az and want the ergo 11615 in bamboo pebbled leather. i already have 11640 but it's a bit too big for everyday; will use it for traveling when i carry my laptop. any ideas on where i can find one near here? coach store at arrowhead only has the patent leather. can anyone help?
  13. They are at the outlets...I just bought the hobo (large for 199.99) on Thursday night. They had all sizes of the totes and hobos...
  14. i am very new to this area. please tell me about the outlets and where they are. thank you.:confused1: