Pearl Education (Warning: Somewhat of a Rant)

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  1. Thank you, Ms Piggy! I love them! I took them on holiday with me and my DDIL wore them as much as I did! Let me see if I can find a picture of at least one of us wearing them. :smile:

    Japster, I'm once again hooked on pearls. I hadn't had a new strand since DH bought my baroques from Fred Leighton. This is going to be the renewal of a beautiful relationship. Now, I want more, more, more! :graucho:
  2. I haven't added all our holiday pics to the computer, yet, but here's Bubbles having her turn wearing the new pearls. ;)

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  3. hahaha bubbles looks so cute! its funny how our animals inherit a liking for shiny things too:amuse:
  4. CG your pearls are lovely! I think Bubbles wears them so well!!:cutesy:
  5. Gorgeous pearls!!!!! Bubbles looks like a celeb!!!!
  6. Adorable dog and amazing pearls!!!!!
  7. I got my ship notification today for the SS. I'm a bit bummed that it took them a whole week to ship the order, and I'll end up getting it over two weeks since I initially ordered. :rolleyes:
  8. Hi all! I'm very new to this thread (and the world of pearls), but I just bought a set for my MIL from Japster. Very inexpensive, but she's really wanted a triple-strand of pearls for a while & I thought they were pretty. (This is the FF pic; hopefully I can get a decent one when they arrive.)


    Cavalier Girl, I love the pic of your pup with your gorgeous pearls! I took a similar picture of one of my cats, Ophelia, when I got a freshwater rope a few years ago.


    I also have a question for those of you who are knowledgable about pearls. I just received some vintage jewelry from my grandmother, and one of the items is a strand of pearls. I'm not sure whether they're real or faux, and they really need to be cleaned. How can I go about finding out whether they're real, and how should I clean them? TIA! :biggrin:
  9. LMAO- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitty in pearls. toooo adorable for words.

    RE: how to tell if your strand is real...

    1.) gently scrape your front teeth against the pearl (don't worry it won't hurt them). The pearl should feel slightly gritty.

    2.) real pearls will generally feel slightly colder than room temperature.

    3.) does it feel heavy for it's size? Faux pearls will often be very light weight.
  10. LOL!!! Too mesmerised by them that I didn't even realised I spelt them wrongly!!!:P
  11. Cavalier's pearl strand is gorgeous!!! Japster offers one of the best quality around indeed!

    Bubbles is so adorable wearing those pearls and the Kitty too!:nuts:
  12. Thanks so much for the information, Japster! That page is very helpful.

    And Ophelia says "Thank you!" for the compliments. She can't understand why I don't give her a set of pearls she can wear everyday... :lol:

  13. I'm so glad your DDIL was able to enjoy them too! But Fred Leighton Baroques???!!!! I must see these! post please!
  14. Anything for you, Japster! :smile:

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  15. cav - those baroques are TDF!
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