Pearl Education (Warning: Somewhat of a Rant)

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  1. ^If you'll look a bit further up this page, it looks like the OP has been sent to the couches. I don't think she'll be able to get back to you, Candice.
  2. what does that mean gga? she's sent to the couches?
  3. She's banned from the forum. Look under her name. It says "sofa king banned."

    Means she's not allowed to post/be a member here any more.
  4. Weird. I wonder what happened? (Rhetorical question; I know we shouldn't speculate or gossip)
  5. Well I hope everything is okay with Callire.....

    would anyone else know the answer to why I cant see pics on TPG? lol
  6. for anyone who was in the same boat with TPG...there is a wait period while they validate your account, its about a week:balloon:
  7. Too bad OP was banned... this thread is very useful even though its more than a year old. I was looking at the Akoya , Freshwater. Tahitian pearls.... and I am trying to learn how to differentiate them (akoya and freshwater n south seas)... i thought akoya looks more metallic and the narce might not be complete.. or thats because its of a lower grade?
  8. am looking for a 18" hanadama strand, for a while I was thinking about getting it from pearlparadise, but after reading this thread I do some search on TPO and find out that I can buy hanadama from them with lower cost..

    comparison :
    - 7.5-8.0 pearparadise cost $ 2,474
    - 7.5-8.0 TPO cost $ 2,100

    where should I buy from ? TIA