Pay If Foreward....grateful In Fl

  1. I just wanted to share something with all of you......I have been a good person all my life helping people when I could......treating everyone as I would want to be treated......putting everyone before me and sometimes you wonder if it ever really comes back to you and it def did for me Tuesday night around Midnight. My son heard someone knock at the door and looked outside.....didn't see anyone...walked away......heard it again....didn't see anyone..slightly opened the door and a fully hooded, masked person shoved the door open and stuck a gun in the door at my teenage son. He was able to shove the guy out and lock the door but then the person ran to my front window with the blinds open looked at my son through the window and tried to fire at my son through the window. Someone was looking over us for sure cause at that point he was on the second or third bullet and the gun jammed and he ran across town where the cops found the gun among other things. I live in a good area and never thought this would happen to me but it did. I feel like I was paid back on that night for all my good deeds and will never question anything again........Take care everyone and enjoy every day we have with each other.......Deb
  2. Oh god that is awful. So sorry this happened to you!!
  3. Deb,
    OMG!! That is scary! I am so glad your Son wasn't hurt! God was definitely looking out for your Son!! (((HUGS))) to you and your family!!
  4. OMG I can not believe what I just read that is so crazy!!! Thank god everyone is ok
  5. I truly believe someone was watching over you. I am happy to hear all is Ok.
  6. omg, That's scary. I'm glad that everything is OK!!
  7. DEB - your kindness has definitely protected you and your son. I can't even imagine what you and your son must have felt **HUGS** Keep safe, and I am so glad that you two are OK!
  8. OMG how dreadful, so glad that you & your son are safe!
  9. Yikes! Where did this happen? Hopefully not in Jacksonville.
  10. no....It didn't happen in Jacksonville.......close though.......Deland....20 minutes from Daytona Beach:sad: I am so scared they are going to come back again.....I hate that you can't even feel safe in your own home anymore.
  11. omg, glad to know that you and your son are both safe!
  12. Thank God you and your son are safe!
  13. How awful! But it could have been so much worse, and wasn't. I'm glad you are both OK. Sending good energy to you!

  14. omg!! r u ok?? i hope ur son's not still scared from the incident!

    do u know what made that happen?
  15. After reading your story it reinforces that I need to be kind to all....all the time. Thank you for posting this.
    I'm glad your son is alive!