Passport holder. Unpractical?

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  1. You don't need to remove the cover if you are going through the kiosk and it's also not inconvenient. In the recent years of travelling in Asia, I had no issues about removing my passport, unless specifically requested so. I think that getting a passport cover prevents busybodies from trying to figure out the traveller's nationality.
  2. I've been using a passport cover for a few years and never have felt inconvenienced when traveling with it. Yes you do need to remove it from the cover sometimes, but normally it isn't an issue.
  3. I am wondering about the size of the passport cover. I mean, are not passports from different countries in different sizes? I have no clue, but this keeps me from looking for a cover.
  4. Really? I thout it was equal all over..
  5. Depends on how often you travel internationally.

    My DH bought me one a few years back, I exchanged it for something else.

    It would be sad to have it hidden in a closet for so long!
  6. I don't know about the machines, but I echo those who have said that they are always asked to remove the passport from the cover when they're being checked at passport control. I have always been asked to do this. I don't mind, because I don't want someone else carelessly handling my LV!

  7. I am only guessing. Why should it be equal?

    The size of paper money is also not equal.
  8. I’m bumping this thread to see if everyone is still happy - or not! - with their passport cover? Has anything changed with immigration that has made using it easier or more difficult?
    I am thinking of ordering a non monogram one. I do have the Hermes globetrotter also. Should I just stick to that? Whaat have you experienced recently?
  9. Most international airports have moved to a machine system where you scan your passport yourself and the machine takes your photo, etc. I have to remove my cover every time, which is annoying. I m thinking about switching to the Hermès Tarmac.
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  10. The medium POCHETTE KIRIGAMI can put few passports.
  11. I’ve just ordered the kirigami set and have decided to use the middle one for a passport cover. I’ve never used a traditional passport cover before due to the inconvenience but this seems simple to remove for immigration.
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  12. Oh I didn’t think off kirigami set. That is a great idea!
  13. This is what I use mine for. I can fit boarding passes, tickets etc in too. It’s handy and stylish.
  14. ———-
    I think that’s a great idea about the middle kiragami. Thanks guys. That’s exactly what I’m going to use for our passports.