Passport holder. Unpractical?

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    It's very common today that you have to put your passport into a alectronic machine when you arrive a new country. The same if you check in at the machins before departure. How does it work if you have a passport holder? Do you have to separate your passport and passportholder each time?
    -If I had to remove my passport from the cover each time, I think a passport holder would be pointless.
  2. I was considering this too as we recently purchased a house abroad so I was thinking about buying one.

    I am sure that you must have to remove it from the sleeve? Which isnt too practical for me considering I would drop one of these two items whilst fumbling about which is hassle as I dont want to loose either.

    So on that basis it would not be practical for me... i could be wrong though.
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    I think it depends on how you use it. my friends bf has one in damier graphite and he uses it as an every day wallet- with his passport inside, of course.

    ETA: sorry, I skimmed over the original post... I don't keep my passport in anything, but I haven't seen anyone have to take theirs out while im traveling.
  4. I wouldnt ever think of using it as an everyday wallet lol i just have a wallet for that.

    I wouldnt want to carry my passport everywhere I go.
  5. No you have to run only one page through the machine. You can keep the passport in its holder. I love mine!!!
  6. Awesome.

    Thanks for sharing.. in that case i might go for one.
  7. Here he is!
    The only place I have to take out the passport from its holder is when I arrive at the immigration kiosk in the United States. Most immigration officers don't want to deal with the passport cover.
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  8. I've only had to scan the barcode on my passport when traveling internationally. Sometimes customs will remove it from its holder but I put it back in when its returned to me. Not much hassle!
  9. +1

    I travel abroad several times a month, and besides the passport itself which don´t have to remove to run it through the scanner, I carry my frequent miles card, my railway card and my bus card + transport tickets in the four card slots of the holder. Oh, and a couple foreign currency notes behind the flap under the four card slots :P

    I love mine (it´s the red Trunks LE), and it still looks pristine though I bought it preloved and have used it nonstop for the last 3-4 years!
  10. Yes - it's super user friendly!
  11. Every time I travel passport control in all the countries ask me to remove my passport don the cover. And sometimes not very nicely they see it as an inconvenience and they also need to see the cover to check fur authenticity.
  12. +1 - I have also always been asked to remove my passport from the holder for inspection and scanning.
  13. I travel internationally a lot (Europe, Arab countries, Russia, Asia) and passport control officers ALWAYS ask for a passport without cover. Actually they are not allowed even to touch a passport in a cover. Any country, any time, if you give them passport in a cover, it's a problem.

    I dont use my LV passport cover, and keep my passport separately in a Hermes globetrotter zip around planner with a notebook and all my travel cards. I like the zip around part of it for security reasons and having a notebook helps a lot too. But I always take my passport out before giving it to the officers.
  14. Yes I thought this was the case as well, every time I have travelled anywhere I always get asked for passport without covers etc.

    I think the OP is reffering to when you use the electronic machines which is what we have the chip in them for when you stand in front of the camera and the machine scans your passport.
  15. That's not true. I never have to remove it when I arrive in CDG from the U.S.