Passport holder. Unpractical?

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  1. When I travel, I don't want to take my wallet, I have no need for all those dumb store cards and everything else that hogs up my wallet on a daily basis. The passport cover is THE perfect solution. I recently got my mon mono one, but before that I used another designers passport cover. And YES I do remove my passport because I don't want the people at the airport and at customs with their grimy hands on my passport cover. Im kind of a germaphobe... and lets not even jest when they get stamp happy and they have ink everywhere. The passport cover has slots and pockets for extra things. Like your custom forms, And your room key, or if your staying at resort for your towel card. And places to store your cash/bills/currency. ~ I also use it in my Chanel flap at home as a wallet so that I have more room for other things. My wallet is a full size vernis zippy. HTH ;)
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    I also have the LV passport holder and wouldn't be without it. Yes you have to take it out, but it's easy peasy to do. I lived and traveled all over the EU all of 2013 and used mine to hold my Euro bank card, my Amex w/ chip and pin, insurance card, and train/subway cards. I also tuck some foreign bills behind the flap.
    Once I'm at the hotel, I just remove my passport and use it as a wallet (receipts on the right and cash on the left). It's the perfect size to fit into a small cross body bag while traveling around Europe (or anywhere!).

    Eta: Every airport is different in whether you're required to remove the passport from the cover. I usually do just in case, but have been told in various airports that I don't have to. Some places are more pickly and others are more lax about it. Ie. France vs Russia=very different 😄
  3. Wow.. It seems that passport covers are very annoing for the officers! I think I'll pass..
  4. I'm surprised to hear that. Only this year I travelled through CDG 6 times, and they specifically asked to remove passport cover even before I gave it to them.
    In some airports there's even a note on the glass asking to remove passport covers.
  5. Maybe because I am an EU citizen?
    I travel to Paris several times a year for my job... and not even once have I been asked to remove it! Maybe I look like a good guy :biggrin:
  6. I love my passport holder from LV. Very convenient.
  7. I believe some are missing the reason for a passport holder which is to protect the passport. I have seen some passports quite torn up and frayed, so you end up spending more money and time getting a new passport to replace the mangled one. However, it is quite clear people have different opinions. I personally have one, and it definitely keeps my passport in good shape when I travel. Yes, immigration officials in various countries want the passport handed to them without the cover. But, wouldn't you still have to take your passport out of pocket/purse/wallet/bag anyway even if you didn't have a passport holder? Just my thoughts.
  8. I only stick the back cover in the case. The front of my passport has all the biometric data.
  9. I agree. I've had this happen every time I go through Customs they ask me to remove my passport from the cover.

    Regardless, I use my Mon Mono passport cover as a travel wallet. There are slots for my DL, 1 credit card, 1 debit card, and a place to put some cash. I love it and don't worry about the 5 seconds it takes to remove/replace my passport. It ain't that serious.
  10. I had a mon mono passport cover, but ended up getting rid of it. I just didn't like taking it out and "everybody" seeing my initials. (I know that wasn't the case, but I still felt self-conscious). Instead, I got a Hermes MC2 and it's been great for traveling. I keep my passport in it, but it's also large enough for all the travel documents, travel receipts, etc.
  11. Well, i agree that keeping your passports save is important. I use H global trotter organizer for this. It's got zip around closure so it keeps my passport and cards save, and it also has a small notebook and a pen.

    My biggest concern with this LV passport holder is that it doesn't keep my documents save and locked inside, it's all open. I've lost one of my cards from this cover so it concerns me.

    And unfortunately I can't sell it because it got monogrammed. So the passport cover is just left in my drawer with all other LV personalized accessories I don't use like business card holder or iPad cover. :sad:

    I've just also got a new Gucci travel wallet/wristlet and I'm loving it. It keeps all my documents and money and cards inside. Im traveling this week so going to try it as a clutch/wallet/documents holder.
  12. If you look on Ann's Fabulous Finds, there are actually two monogrammed (mon mono) items for sale. Also, a tPFer here lucked out and found a mon mono in her initials, AND her favorite colors. How cool is that?
  13. I received my passport cover for my ten year anniversary and I believe DH lost it. He insists that I lost it - AS IF!

    So I received a mon mono this year because he heard me moan and groan when I travelled abroad with out my cover. And he received a passport cover from me for Christmas this year! So clearly I'm a fan! I love the cover and LV screams travel!
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    I'd be too scared to use mine everyday with my passport in it... My passport is too important to lose!!!

    EDIT: Well, I mean mine if I had one :P
  15. For authenticity of the passport cover or of the passport?