Parisians and Chanel?

  1. Most impressive to me, NO FAKE BAGS. NO fake sellers.
  2. I agree, this is an interesting thread...:yes: I watch that movie "Le divorce" and noticed that the parisian women on the movies spent money on luxury scarves like Hermes and they also wear them so well:yes: .
  3. The last time I went to Paris for 3 days, I seemed to be the only person to carry a Chanel bag! :shocked:

    I saw lots of classic LV mono bags, and especially classic Gucci bags. Even a few classic Dior purses, and of course Longchamp totes and Burberry bags.

    No Chanel, Balenciaga, Chloé, YSL or Hermès. :shocked: :shocked:
  4. ^^Wow - that surprises me!
  5. My boyfriend and I recently decided to go to Paris at the close of our trip to Europe in September. I booked his flight to come out on Oct. 5, then I realized later that Oct 1-9 is Fashion Week for Spring 2007! I am excited, but I am not sure why. I wondered if anyone knows of ways to get into the fashion scene during fashion week... I would love to go to a show. Can you buy seats, or do you have to be press?

    When I go shopping now I am always wondering if I can "wear that in Paris". Does anyone living in Paris or near Paris have any comments on the weather at the end of September/ beginning October or what to pack? I was thinking of buying a new Chanel bag for the trip, but now after this thread, I am wondering if it is not unwise to travel with expensive purses. Perhaps it is just exposing them to the chance of theft and damage? Any comments on this would be great.

    Also - any great hotels or apartments of rent? Or reccommended areas to look for accommodation in the city?
  6. I was in Paris a month ago. I brought one of my Chanel reissues with me. More than worrying about possible THEFT of my bags, I really worried about STINKIN EM UP. There was one night in particular that rained and the doors and windows were closed, no one ate outside, and I sat next to CHAIN SMOKERS. One after the other, after the other, ALL night. Luckily it was a block from my hotel, so DH ran my bag back to the room! Unlike the US, they can smoke all they want in restaurants.

    Oh, Artofaquisition, I'd recommend the Hotel Lotti.
  7. I've been reading afew threads on how to take care of our bags, thanks for reminding me about the smoke factor!! Shame we can't really enjoy our Chanel in Paris of all places.
  8. I went to Paris a couple of months ago (I miss it already :sad: ) I saw a few LV's. I have to say, they really know how to look good even though it was cold. I love their style =)
  9. u have to have an invitation otherwise u wont be let in.. usually they have those wall like guards lol who will LOOK YOU IN THE EYES and ask you for the invitation card! :blink:

    last season i got invitation for Ellie Saab, Gucci and Chanel fashion show it was amazing and just out of this world reality :love:
  10. I have heard that there are some amazing resale shops in the Marais area of Paris. And huge outlet malls (think Gucci!) outside of Milan. That said, although I didn't notice a lot of designer accessories being worn in Paris, in Italy a lot of people wear Diesel, D & G, Prada and Gucci. D & G is huge. But I was in large cities, Rome, Milan, Venice.

    Europeans in general seem to love to accessorize with scarves. Not necessarily designer, but all kinds. Every trip I take to Europe, I tend to bring home new scarves. :smile:

    And yes, people smoke - a lot - over there. One thing I noticed on the last trip, is that a lot of European women are in wonderful shape, and dress amazingly. But they tend to smoke and love to enjoy the sun. So many women were stylishly turned out, but their faces really showed the smoking & sun damage, which kind of surprised me. A good example is Princess Caroline of Hanover - she is 49(?) and her face is wreathed in wrinkles. And you see her a lot with a cigarette in her hand or tanning on their yacht. I am always amazed at how many people smoke abroad. In Italy, I was at a cafe and our waitress was around six months pregnant and puffing away!

    I'm sure there are many European women who don't smoke, and take very good care of their skin. It just seems odd that so many stylish ladies that I saw would be so concerned about good style but don't seem to care about the damage that smoking does to their skin and face, especially wrinkles around the mouth.

    And please, I am not trying to insult anyone. It was just a phenomena that I noticed, which seemed in contrast to how beautifully European women are usually turned out.
  11. Be very careful when booking a hotel. The rating system in Europe is *very* different from the US - a three star hotel can be gorgeous or a dump. The system is based more on square footage than amenities. And if the building is old, the system can exclude it. Here is a really helpful website:

    They explain the rating system and list excellent hotels that have been checked out by the staff. There is an article on there that explains how the hotels are rated very frankly. I've had lovely hotels, but in the beginning, before I knew, I got stuck with some horrible ones.

    If you want to shop, I've found staying in the area of the Opera Garnier is nice (Galleries Lafayette right around the corner, etc) and the Metro is quick and easy to use.

    But be careful bringing jewelry and accessories (bags) ect you really love. Pickpockets are rife, and really sophisticated. Bring a bag you can wear across your body and that has a zipper. And keep your hand on it, especially if you have your passport inside. Be especially careful on the metro. Leather is better than cloth, it can't be cut so easily.

    I've never had trouble myself, but on this past trip one of the people in my party had her purse stolen.

    I don't want to freak you out, just be aware, and you will have a great time. But when I travel, I always take only the stuff I won't cry over if I would lose it. ;))
  12. Actually, I had my wallet stolen from a bag that I was wearing across my body and with a zipper. I was buying something to eat, as I had put my wallet in my bag and reached for the sandwich, somebody must have snatched it at that moment. This happened in front of Galeries Lafayette. Also, they can cut up leather too, my mom once had a thick leather bag (ferragamo) cut and her wallet stolen out of it. They are very good it, she didn't even know.
  13. Just goes to show how careful you have to be, doesn't it? I told my students that you have to be so careful, because they are so good you won't even feel it.

    The lady in my party whose purse got stolen- we were at a rest stop outside of Paris, and the rest stops in Europe tend to be very clean, with fairly nice amenities and restaurants. We were in the bathroom, and she was in a stall and had hung her purse on the knob on the wall. A young man(!) in biker leathers with a helmet (covering his face) came striding into the bathroom, jumped up on a toilet in the stall next to her, and grabbed her bag. Then he ran outside and jumped on a bike driven by another guy. And this took seconds. We were all so paralyzed with shock we couldn't believe it.
    After that, everytime we stopped for a restroom, someone waited and held the bag for the other person.

    Amazing, isn't it? :rant:
  14. It is amazing, but I have heard of that happening in airports. It's crazy!
  15. I can tell you about Italy! :yes:

    1) you're right D&G is very very popular, especially but not only for jeans;
    2) in Italy it's not possible to smoke in restaurants, bar, etc since one year more or less;
    3) yes we use a lot of scarfs!! Do you know "pashmina"? That kind of scarf is very popular;
    4) I think Gucci's outlet is near Florence, not Milan;
    5) I noticed that Milan, Bologna and Venice have very different styles. I live near Treviso that's a rich city not far from Venice and here it's very popular to wear D&G or Diesel jeans, Gucci accessories (shoes, bags, belts etc) and Vuitton (less than Gucci and only handbags or wallets, only Monogram Canvas, never saw a Vernis o MC, just twice a jeans);
    6) there are some big outlets but you can't find great designer items if you're looking for expensive griffes from boutiques;
    7) yes we love the sun, sunbathing is a must in summer, people is very careful to the damages of the sun now but in the past people used to take sun without any protection! And you're right a looot of woman smokes, also when they are pregnant or with small babies and I HATE this!!!