Parisians and Chanel?

  1. Those of your who live in Paris or who have been there recently (I haven't been to Paris in years!)...since Chanel is so classic, do Parisians wear a lot of Chanel? For example, do the older ladies wear the classic flap purse and the younger ones the Cambon purse? I'm just curious....or do Parisians like Goyard better?


  2. I just came from Paris a few weeks ago and found they didnt seem to carry designer bags as much as we do. Doesnt seem as big a deal as it does here. I also noticed there were no FAKE BAGS around either. With the exception of 2 or 3 tourists during my whole 10 day stay, I did not see Parisian women with fake bags nor the sale of any fake bags.That was a definite plus. I brought with me one of my reissues and I regretted it. There was a whole lot of smoke going on and my bag was going to stink. I went to dinner with no bag. It rained 2 nights so no one ate outside. There were lots of smokers around me. I sat next to some chain smokers! I bought an LV denim bag so that was a big no no too.
  3. Luccibag, you are right I noticed the same too,I didn't see Parisian Carry fake bag (or any designer bag with monogram), people smoke almost everywhere you go. When I saw a person with designer bags would be tourists. One thing I notice about Parisian women, they accessorize with scarf a lot.
  4. YES I noticed the scarfs too. They all do that cool knot trick too.
  5. For the past few years, I have been going to Paris. When I went, I did see some LV, but not Chanel, Hermes, Dior or fakes. I found that to be very courious. It was explained to me that Parisians do not buy a lot of "well-known" desiners, but they do spend a lot of money on their clothes. They just buy in boutiques. The clothes there rival prices of designers in Saks, NM.... They don't buy the amount of clothes we do, but what they buy is very well made & costly.

    FYI - if you do get to Paris, go to their "flee markets." The amount of vintage LV, Hermes, Chanel, Dior is mind boogling. The prices are outstanding! I've seen the smaller vintage purses in good condition go for less than $200US. You can also go to resale shops & get amazing deals.
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  6. Mama_Ava: That is so interesting! When I went years ago, the women had really chic scarves on, I didn't remember seeing any designer purses. I can see how they spend money on expensive clothes, their clothing is really nice!

    Luccibag: I guess I shouldn't bring a nice purse to Paris since the smoke might make my purse smell :rolleyes:
  7. I did not notice anything on any Parisian when I went there years ago. Just rush to cover all those landmarks (Eiffel tower, Arc de Triump etc) before catching a train back to London. Wish I had more time to spend there!
  8. I was there last month - all I saw was Louis Vuitton and Gerard Darel - Didn't notice Chanel -
  9. Honu - I saw mostly vintage LV. The last time I was there, I did notice a group of women VERY
  10. Honu - I saw mostly vintage LV. The last time I was there however, I did notice a group of women VERY well dressed & all sporting the Shauli line of purses with the Cheris (sp?) scarves at one of the museums. I followed them around to see if they were authentic because this was unusual. They were authentic, but the women were from the middle east, not from paris.

    I know there are a few posters here that live in Paris. They can give a more "authenic" answer since they are there all the time as opposed to just visiting.
  11. I'm not a Parisian but I've been to Paris before. Like all the ladies here, I don't see much of them carrying designer handbags but then, not all Parisians are rich. But there was one middle age carrying a Valentino handbag made in suede leather as she walks out of a Dolce & Gabbana boutique.
  12. I haven't seen anyone carrying branded stuff, not LV, not Chanel, not even Gerard Darel. I see a lot of ladies carrying Longchamp canvas totes though. It's the French attitude. They buy good quality, not necessarily luxury, and use it forever. All my Parisienne friends have just one or two bags and carry them to death. I think I'm the only one around here who "collects" them.
  13. Interesting thread.
  14. I agree with TammyD. Every time I go I see Longchamp fold up tote bags everywhere and the occasional designer bag carried by mostly older women.
  15. This Is A Very Interesting Thread. Thank You For Sharing! :smile: