Pandora Bracelets anyone?

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  1. #5401 Jul 2, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2009
    Fantastic bracelet! Seems you could add the purse and the safety and still have some room for color. Maybe some of the purple trinity spacers or the purple oval lights? If you didn't want all purple, what other colors do you love that would compliment the purple you do have? Maybe some of the blue trinity spacers to go with the sapphire or even one of the blue enamels. Do you like the glass beads? If you were looking for splashes of color all over the bracelet, the spacers might be your best bet since you could fit more of them. I've noticed that it doesn't take a lot of color to make it stand out, and a spacer here or there does the trick nicely.

    Have you tried the online bracelet builders? They are a fantastic way to add beads to you existing bracelet to see how everything will fit together once complete. My favorite builder is located at It's the easiest to drag beads on and off and this one doesn't have the little boxes that force bead placement, you can put the beads where ever you want. Although you do have to take it with a grain of salt. It makes it look as though I can fit 7 beads in my center section and I can really only fit 5 plus a spacer. I know better, so I just kind of spread the beads out in the center section when I'm playing and scrunch them up a bit on the side sections to fit the number of beads I know I can.
  2. Gorgeous bracelet Pandora Addict. I personally love the murano beads for instant colour. Also it's a good idea to go into the pandora shop and match up beads to your bracelet to see if you like them. I had my heart set on a particular bead which I'd seen online and when I went into the shop to buy it, it didnt match at all.
  3. Seems like I'm the only one that likes the hearts. I got the orange with the cream hearts and I love it. I want the blue, but not sure it will go on my bracelet. We'll see
  4. Hello. I have admired the photos of everyone's bracelets in this forum but this is my first post. I have a question about cleaning Pandora bracelets. I have only ever cleaned mine with a polishing cloth but I have heard that people clean them with dish soap and water. Has anyone here done that? If so, do you take all the charms off and wash everything separately, or do you wash the whole bracelet together? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Hi! Welcome to the thread:biggrin:

    I personally haven't tried that yet, but I was curious about it too. I would be too lazy to wash all the beads separately though! I recommend having it cleaned at the jewelery store if you can. Mine puts it in something they call a "tumbler" which takes about 15-20 and it comes out looking AMAZING. It removes all of the surface scratches too, so it will look like brand new!
  6. It's very pretty, great bracelet! I would personally add as many cz spacers as would fit, but I just love bling!
  7. Hi and welcome! Yes, this is how I clean my bracelets. I add dish soap to a cup of water and stir it. I then take all of the beads off and put them in the mix and let them soak for 10 minutes. Next, I take a tooth brush and scrub each of them. I then put the beads in a cup of clean water and let them soak for another 10 minutes. Finally, I dry them off and finish with a polishing cloth!
  8. I saw one of my sisters bracelets today (she has six+, btw) and they are full of bling and they are absolutely gorgeous! She has a lot of blingy spacers. Beautiful! She almost made me rethink my bracelets. Then I realized, that while I love bling on other people, I am more muted when it comes to my own stuff. But long story short, I have to agree with SpoilMeRotten, bling on a Pandora is FANTASTIC and any of the spacers or skinnier beads with stones will give you a TON of bling and color for your buck!
  9. [​IMG] KENDELLDEW!!!! Right now lots of beads up!
  10. Kendalldew alert!!! She has 72 beads up!!
  11. we both caught it at the same time!! Did you score? I got a couple I've been wanting:yahoo:
  12. WoooHoooo!! I got 6 so far! HURRY!
  13. I got as follows:

    princess & pea for a friend who gave me her list
    2 blue cz clips and a purse bead for a bracelet I've been working on in memory of my mom
    2 white w black dot muranos (last two I needed for my patriotic bracelet)
    victorian bead with gold accent

    a very good morning!! what did you score?
  14. YAY!!! I got the 14k /ss heart dangle finally!!!!!! I also scored some pink oval lights, the 14k/ss sun ray, a clasp opener, and some purple cz spacers! Kendalldew rocks!!!!
  15. Okay so far I got the Ying/Yang bead, 2 yellow muranos, 1 blue flower murano,& the purse w/gold handle:smile: I have to log off ebay...cant afford to keep watching LOL

    I have no idea what to do with them though LOL talk about impulse shopping;)
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