Pandora Bracelets anyone?

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  1. Thanks,! I guess I need to look into the orange - didn't know there were so many! I haven't dove into the murano yet. Does anyone find that they hinder typing/writing because they are a little bigger than other beads?
  2. I'm a computer programmer. Typing is pretty much what I do all day long. I do find the bracelets to be bothersome in general for typing, but I don't find the addition of muranos to a bracelet to be any more of a hinderance then a bracelet without. If anything the muranos might make a bracelet less bothersome since they make the bracelet a little tighter and therefore cause it to have less travel. In general, I think the the bracelets are more trouble on my mouse wrist then they are on the other. That's why I wear my watch on my non mouse wrist, and I don't normally wear my Pandoras with my watch. But if my Pandora is really bothering me and I don't want to take if off and just leave it lying around, I'll pop it on the other wrist with my watch and that takes care of the problem. Later, when I'm more on the phone or in meetings, I'll put it back on the mouse wrist where I usually like to wear them.
  3. You might convince me... Would be nice to add some muranos. Are they pretty durable too? Anyone break one?
  4. I have had a Murano break, but it is a really rare occurrance and my retailer replaced it without any question. Muranos can really color up a bracelet and only one of my bracelets is Murano glass-free. I used to have an orange themed bracelet, too (downsized and gave the beads to my mom), and the orange ribbon glass and the yellow glass with orange dots look fantastic together! My favorite orange bead is, by far, the Orange CZ primose path bead!!!
  5. I'm a klutz, I bump into things all the time. I've hit my bracelet against walls, counters, railings on stairs and I haven't damaged a bead yet (knock on wood). I also will admit to having a temper tantrum a while back where I slammed my fist down on my desk and my bracelet was trapped under the ball of my hand when it hit. :shame: I actually put a tiny dent in one of my sterling silver beads, but the glass bead right next to it came out unscathed. I wouldn't recommend trying that on a regular basis, but it did give me a secure feeling about my glass beads. :P
  6. I am trying to decide whether I should get the silver with gold clasp bracelet for my silver/gold bracelet. Does anyone think it is worth the additional money? It is $220 vs. $50...

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    I think it is definitely worth it and think it makes a big difference on a gold/silver bracelet. Look at it this way, it's a gold bead for $170. You probably won't find one cheaper.
  8. That is a really good point!! Thank you!
  9. I have the gold and silver base for my two-tone bracelet, as well. For me, it was worth the additional expense. It is the only gold clasp bracelet that I have in my Pandora wardrobe, but it really makes the gold stand out! Since I wear it almost everyday, I am definitely getting my money's worth!!! I got my bracelet during a free bracelet promotion at my favorite retailer, so there was a $35 discount.
  10. The jewellery store that I work at just got in the new Heart murano glass beads, and I have to say that I'm not impressed...The hearts are too big and certain ones look more plastic than glass. The colour of the blue one however is beautiful, but once again, the pattern is rather disappointing..
  11. I have to agree. I just saw the green one on someone's bracelet and I thought the color of the base green was stunning, but the hearts look blobby. I liked it on her bracelet since the color worked perfectly for the look she wants, but I would have like it a lot more were it not for the hearts.
  12. i just saw the blue hearts murano on devi's bracelet in our sister thread.

    i must admit, that blue colour is amazing and suits your bracelet well devi!!
  13. I agree Devi's blue heart is gorgous; I think I'm going to have to change my opinion of those heart until I see them IRL. LVChicago...your stone and mixed metal bracelets are just perfect. Thanks everyone for the pixs.

    I am still working on my gold bracelet I got the diamond matrix and the diamond flower it's slowly coming along. Will post more pixs soon.
  14. Two more bead additions to my bracelet today.

    I bought the 14ct gold Strawberry bead, and was given the purple enamel Butterfly bead. :yahoo:
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    Here is a picture of my bracelet:

    I am just a few beads away from completing it, but am unsure on how to finish it off.

    It has the Amethyst birthstone, gold/silver J, gold with sapphire Heart, silver Church, gold/silver Wedding Cake, gold/silver C, silver Girl, gold/silver B, silver Boy, silver Cat, gold Heart, gold/silver D, gold/silver Queen Bee, silver Angel, purple enamel Butterfly and gold Strawberry.

    I would like to add the gold/silver Clutch Purse and a safety chain, but I also feel that the bracelet needs some colour to finish it.

    I would really appreciate suggestions and opinions as to which beads would compliment the bracelet best, and where you would place them on the bracelet to best make it look balanced and finished.

    Thanks in advance. :biggrin:
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