Pandora Bracelets anyone?

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  1. Anyone have one of these, and do you love them as much as I do?
  2. I'd never heard of them until now, and just did a google search on them. Very cool! Here's a pic of one that I particularly liked. Do you have one? If so, will you post a pic of yours! Thanks!

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  3. I never heard of these bracelets, but I love the one Pippi posted. Do you know how much they cost?
  4. I don't know how to post pics... anyone?

    Until then, mine is not like the one above at all. First you buy the empty bracelet, and then add Charms/beads as you go. So it is highly personalized. They come in SS and Gold. The beads/charms start around $10-15 each and go into the hundreds.

    Mine is SS, and I've almost got it filled. My beads have all been $10-60 each and I have probably 15-20 of them. They are all different sizes and shapes, and each bracelet is a one-of -a -kind.

    Their web site is
    Pandora Jewelry: beads, charms, bracelets, necklaces, neckless, gold jewelry, silver jewelry

    let me know what you think
  5. I've been trying to post a pic, but my file size is too big... how do i change the size?
  6. I have not heard of these before, but they are so cool! How much do the bracelets start at? I did not see any prices on the website.
  7. I paid about $50 (but I'm in Canada) for the empty bracelet. It is lovely on it's own, almost "cable-like" kind of reminded me of DY styles.
  8. I always wondered what the cost was on this...thank you for sharing the information! Very helpful
  9. I love Pandora and I even sell it ;). Denmark has some beautiful things to offer ;).

    They are so much fun. Single beads look great on a leather necklace as well.

    The second set of Murano beads will be out in fall and they look great.

    If you like Pandora there are some more brands you might like.

    Trollbeads has some very beautiful beads. I saw them at a jewelry fair in person and they are great. Trollbeads won't fit on Pandora, but Pandora beads fit on the Trollbeads chains.

  10. I just looked at the websites you ladies have posted. What a great idea! You can create your own unique piece.
  11. Hehe~~my BF just made me a Pandora bracelets for our anniversary:party: !!! It has several beads each represents :heart: memorable moment in our relationship:tispy: :biggrin: (Our first date, the day he gave me his house key, the day we got a puppy etc etc)
  12. These are really neat! I love the animal beads!
  13. I love my Pandora bracelet! But I can't wear it in the winter because some of my charms snag my sweaters! Ugh!
  14. Pandora bracelets are so much fun to design. I love mine!
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