Palermo buy or not to buy..

  1. After seeing so many lovely pics of this from fellow TPFers and celeb shots, I have started prowling eBay for this. (They are sold out everywhere..I checked LV 866 and random stores, all waitlisted) I have never purchased any LV on eBay and am a bit hesitant. Should I try for it or just put myself on a list? (I am so impatient) Also, this would be a pretty spendy the bag worth it?
  2. I think the bag is GORGEOUS -- definately worth the splurge. I would put myself on a waitlist instead of eBay, just because you may as well have them call you when it comes in rather than wasting time on Ebay. Unless the wait is unbearable, I say waitlist.
  3. Well you are on tPF... you should know what we are gonna say... buy buy buy :graucho:
  4. LOL mmhmm... BUY BUY BUY is right! The Palermo PM is so cute... I like it way better than the GM!
  5. That's what I am thinking it gives me time to save up for it. :smile:
  6. Get it, it looks like a really functional bag plus its really cute! Get it through LV on the waitlist too, its a permanent bag and not worth the hassle of eBay!
  7. Be patient, go on the wait list.
  8. def. get it!!! Waitlist, it shouldn't be too much longer. Hopefully they'll restock soon!
  9. BUY IT!!! But wait for LV to get it back in stock
  10. I have the palermo PM and it's my favorite LV ever.

    It is worth the splurge!
  11. I tried it on in the store and LOVED IT! It is so cute and so comfortable to wear. Definitely get it!
  12. Try calling the louis vuitton number. I purchase mine during x-mas! They found it for me in Austin Texas (SFA) and I had it in two days (I live in LA, CA). I know the louis vuitton century city, CA usually gets it in pretty often. Good luck! I love mine and I do use it every day!
  13. Great bag - good luck :smile:
  14. What details of it do you guys like? :smile: Pros cons?
  15. I vote for you to buy it, it's sooo worth it. I love mine very much:tup::tup::tup:
    I went out with my DH and DD today, I wear my bag today both as a handbag and shoulder bag. The strap is alot more comfortable than what I thought. Well I guess if you put heavy stuffs in your bag then you probably will need different strap:p

    over all the bag is beautiful and functional. Good luck bacardigirl