Paging Label Addict!

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  1. Dear Label Addict,

    Where have you gone? I miss your posts!
  2. I noticed she's hasn't been around either ... Claire, hope you're okay!
  3. I seem to remember seeing her posts like a week ago. Maybe she just got busy this week.
  4. Label Addict, looks like a lot of people are wondering where you are. LOL You need to spill. Where HAVE you been??? Teehee....
  5. awwww, everyone misses special :]
  6. Searching for the exotic aquarelle speedy, eh?
  7. please come out...:P
  8. I was just thinking about Claire last night too! Hope you are well Claire x
  9. I think she recently posted in the celebrity thread........
  10. please don't tell me your've venture out to H! we miss you!
  11. Seriously Label Addict, is everything good???
  12. Come out come out where ever you are
  13. I hope you are ok! We miss you and your posts!
  14. Label, you just can't leave us like this.

    We miss you. :woohoo:
  15. She probably drove to France to acquire one ;)