Package sent back from France - French Custom help~~


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Jan 23, 2009
Columbus, OH/Toronto CA
Hello Ladies... I am in a bit of a pickle here...

so I have sold one of my Miu Miu purse on Jun 30. the buyer is in France and I live in Canada... so I sent it express with tracing & signature confirmation.... I have followed up with the buyer once to see if she got the package after 2 weeks... but no reply...

I got a email from her on Friday and she said that she has not rec'd the package and wondering what happened. I have tracked the package and says that it is enroute back to Canada... which will be delivered back to me maybe tomorrow...

So buyer wrote me again saying below:
Hello we have had an call of Canada because it is necessary to put in the parcel the invoice with the parcel thank you
So I guess that's why my package was not delivered after a month... so does anyone have any expereience with the French custom? Would it be OK if I resend the package with invoice/packing slip?

so far she has not opened a dispute on Paypal yet........ do you think it will be unreasonable for me to ask for the buyer to pay 50% of the redelivery?! (it will cost me another $70 thru express.... or... have to wait till 45th day to send thru regular airmail....)


Dec 31, 2007
Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia USA
Hmm, no personal experience with this but from what you've told me, no I don't think it's reasonable to ask the buyer for any more in shipping charges. Is she saying that the package was sent back because there was no invoice included inside? If that were the case than I"d say it's the responsibility of the shipper to know the rules of the country in which they're shipping to. I know that information can be hard to find though, sometimes you just learn the hard way.