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  1. I know it's way too long for me I'm only 5'3.
  2. Just a thought; It would be great if someone could get some info on upcoming Resort items :wondering we could perhaps start a thread with intel on this?
  3. Hi everyone! This is my first post in the chat!

    I am going to purchase my first PS1 (well...almost first) this weekend as a birthday present for myself! I actually purchased the black medium last year, right after Christmas, but decided that I wasn't in love with it, so I returned it. The PS1 has been on my mind for a year and I constantly visit/lurk in this subforum to admire everyone's PS1 bags. So, I am going through the typical color dilemma. My comfort level would be with a black medium, but recently, I've fallen in love with the midnight and military and I'm really not sure what to do. Do any of you have suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Judging by your post, I'd say you're already partial to black. Have you seen the black with gunmetal hardware? It looks great. The midnight is also a great choice. Good luck deciding and do keep us posted :smile:
  5. SuLi - I would go with Midnight, seems like that is a very versatile and beautiful color. Why did you decide to return the Black PS1?

  6. I think the reason why I returned it was that it felt too stiff at the time and I wasn't exactly sure that I loved the style completely (briefcase/schoolbag like). In the interim, I actually purchased the Mulberry Alexa and really found myself loving the style of the bag. I should mention that the Alexa is black, so it's probably better that I branch out and try the Midnight or Military. I think I'm leaning towards Midnight.
  7. SuLi - Yes, if you have the Black Alexa, you've got to get a different color for the PS1!!

    In other news, I have the Orchid PS1 Medium on the way to me today!!! Woo - Hoo! I will try to post pics if I can later today...
  8. Congratulations! Looking forward to pics:smile:
  9. SuLi, midnight would be an appropriate colour to start operation branching out! :biggrin:

    Oh!! I cannot wait to see it melovepurse!
  10. Has anyone heard more about the PS store in NYC ? it was announced a couple of months ago but not sure when it's going to open :wondering
  11. Hi girls! I know it's been a while since I've posted here. I've had a lot going on lately. I was at Barney's on Black Friday and almost bought a large Midnight PS1. I changed my mind, however, when I found a Celine Luggage that had been returned in a color I've always loved (and at the "before the most recent price increase" price.) So the PS1 went on the back burner.

    One thing that left me hesitant to buy it was the leather. The leather seemed so different from my Khaki and not as nice. I was wondering if anyone can share their opinions about recent PS1 leather. Is it as nice as the bags from 1-2 yrs ago? Does it get better with age and use? Are the bags still as good a quality as the originals? I've been using my Khaki PS1 the last few weeks and absolutely love the leather! Plus the bag is holding up wonderfully (and I by no means baby it - I'm pretty rough with that bag in fact!) the only thing that's happened (twice) is that the shoulder strap came undone when I went go hang it on my shoulder. The hooks not broke or stretched out or anything. Maybe those were just flukes. But it made me more conscious and I'm a little more careful when hanging the bag on my shoulder.

    So what do I you think - should I make the large midnight my first bag purchase of 2012, or should I go for one of the newer "pretty" colors (I really like the Lilac!)
  12. ^Yes the leather seems different in newer PS1:s, and it's different from color to color too from what I heard here. My kelly green Pouch has a little thicker leather but is very good in rain etc, it just rolls off the leather. Other colors seems different though, look at debi.n's midnight in the ref lib here..
  13. I almost bought, but didn't, a neon peach at Barney's on Friday. What stopped me was the leather. It felt almost like paper. Not at all like my midnight bag from last year. Finally received the suede citron, love it, love the color.
  14. I agree the leather is thinner. I have a 10 & 11 and the leather on the 12 was notably thinner than my other two bags but on the other hand it felt like butter.