Owners of Cartier LOVE cuff - please help! Real box, fake bracelet?

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  1. Open the case ASAP to prevent the seller from running off and disappearing. Some people are evil, especially on eBay. However, on eBay most of the time the buyer wins the disputes as long as the item is returned. I have no doubts you will get your money back.

    Also, be sure to film the process of you packing up the bracelet and sending it off, or doing whatever you can in this sense in case the buyer comes back and says you sent them an empty package. If they're horrible enough to sell a fake, they surely may pull a fast one like that!
  2. I already opened a case, the seller messaged and said they sold it in good faith and are insisting its real however they said they would discuss it further tomorrow so I will wait and see what happens

  3. Hopefully your seller will be responsive & ask you to return this..

    Good luck...
  4. I just saw your thread. I have the cuff and its definitely not light-weight and like you've pointed out, the opening of yours does seem too wide. Of course, weight and opening are subjective, and to be absolutely honest, at first sight, I would have thought it was genuine. But its all in the details.
    Perhaps what you could do would be to take it to a jeweller and have it examined. I believe Cartier's is a solid gold, and if it was a fake, chances are it may be plated and that alone should prove something.
    I hope things work out for you.
  5. So sorry this is happening to you. It's the worst when you know the seller is just being a hassle. I hope all work out for you! Based on my experience, eBay normally sides with the buyer when buyer says its fake. But again it wasn't a $$$$ item for me. Best wishes anyhow and keep us posted.

    I hate to hijack the thread but I'm actually in a similar position. Doubting my recent eBay Cartier love purchase. I bought this love ring from a Japanese eBay second hand store. I have posted on the authentic this jewelry thread but no luck of hearing back from anyone. I'm sure ladies here know it all and ready to help. Can anyone give a look? It looks like an old version and the markings are very shallow and light. I don't own any vintage cartier piece to compare with. Hope someone could chime in. Thanks in advance!

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    Why don't you pay to have Cartier clean the bracelet . I purchased a love ring from ebay many years ago and took it to Cartier to have it cleaned and at same time verify authenticity. They would not clean it if it was fake. I forgot how much I paid but they cleaned the ring and it came out looking brand new. I also gave me piece of mind that the ring was authentic.
  7. I have the cuff and the size is engraved inside. I'm not sure if that's always been the standard, but I've had mine for almost a year.
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    I would post this in the eBay forum. Been burned is an eBay sleuth. She will give you all the help that you need.
  9. This. Take it in and ask them if they would also run the serial number and make sure it checks out.

    Another thing you could do is find out the weight in grams of an authentic cuff and then weigh this one. That's the first thing I did with my love bracelet. if you can get your hands on a very precise kitchen scale or jewellers scale that should do the trick!

    Barring that, you could take it to a local jeweller and have them at least authenticate the metals. If it's 18K gold it MAY just be an older version.

    The space between... that could be age. Honestly depending how old it is I think the font on the inscription could be as well (although it does seem too thick, not fine enough). I've seen some that I think are real but the font was different 20 years ago.

    You could also call Cartier and ask them to run the number - the worst they can do is say they don't do that!

    Don't worry. Ebay ALWAYS sides with the buyer. You have nothing to worry about - I have been on ebay forever and I know they always side with the buyer... buyer protection should kick in once you say it's authentic. Another good piece of advice - stay nice ... don't accuse the seller, don't make them get their back up - just say you have tons of friends who've authenticated it and that you believe it to be a fake. Paypal will help you don't worry! Send them the link to this thread!! They will ask for any supporting documentation - send them this thread.

    I had a recent situation with a rose gold one. I ordered yellow gold and it was sold on ebay as yellow. I believe it was authentic and beautiful... but it was the wrong colour! Seller was lovely and took it back but I pushed for the duty and shipping too b/c it was misrepresented.
  10. Thanks everyone, I opened a case in the ebay forum as a few issues have arisen
  11. Good point which I also considered however I know the boxes have changed over the years and this box it was sent it is the newest box which they didn't have 20 years ago or even a few years if I remember correctly.
  12. Take it to Cartier. Looks real.
  13. Everyone else in this thread has said it doesn't look authentic and in person, it has very little weight and the engraving is off. Furthermore, every thread I have seen here researching has stated Cartier does not authenticate. I can't get to either Bond Street or Sloane Street to take it there on the off chance they will agree to authenticate.

    Please tell me why you believe it's authentic, I only have what I can see before me to go on as well as the other memebers' opnions
  14. I'm sure a shop that deals with selling preowned loves would help you authenticate the cuff. It looks fake to me. The box being real doesn't throw me - ppl will buy real packaging on the cheap then toss the fake in there to make you think the actual piece is what they say it is.

    If you used your credit card you can dispute it right there and they are on your side.
  15. I ordered a ring from Cartier.com, but returned it because it was too tight. I didn't order another one, but I have to say yours does not look anything like the one I had. It's so hard to tell because the way Cartier marks it's products changes over time.
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