Owners of Cartier LOVE cuff - please help! Real box, fake bracelet?

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Nov 24, 2008
I posted this in the authentication thread but it doesn't seem to get much traction and I would be incredibly grateful if someone who owns the love cuff can help me - I want to act quickly rather than sit on the bracelet and fret for both my and the seller's sake

I purchased a love cuff from ebay, the seller was very helpful and I felt comfortable about the purchase however now that I've received it I have many doubts (which may be baseless but I have a horrible sick feeling that its fake)

- It feels very light and is a very loose fit - I tried on the size it was supposed to be (16) at Cartier and it fit perfectly then
- the opening looks far too big and it doesn't sit right on my wrist at all
- There is also no 'size' number inside the bracelet like there should be from what I know of my mother's love bracelet (but maybe this was the case with older bracelets? It seems a strange omission from what I know)
- the engraving/marking font looks too big and is not refined and delicate and the information looks incorrect
- the love design doesn't look as 'neat' and delicate as it does on the bracelet, it looks bigger and less refined if that makes sense
- there's a strange mark on the inside of the bracelet, like a dark coloured smudge which doesn't go away when rubbed
- re the box, I compared it to a box from an authentic love bracelet and it's exactly the same but I know the box means very little in the grand scheme (also, the bracelet doesn't fit in the inside holder so it doesn't seem like this is the right box for it)

Here are some pictures and the link:



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Apr 16, 2011
I'm not an authentication expert, but this doesn't look good to me. Comparing it with my size 17 cuff bought last October direct from Cartier (although I bought it preloved from a TPF friend after that), the size should appear to the left of the engraving. The script used for the word 'Cartier' on yours looks much thicker and less delicate and the opening on mine is approx. 2cm wide so much narrower than your one. I hope I'm wrong though as it would be awful if it does turn out to be fake :sad: At least if you act quickly you can get a full refund though - keeping my fingers crossed for you that all will turn out to be ok...


Nov 24, 2008
Thanks, the engraving and opening are two major things that keep me troubled, every bracelet I've seen up close and putting it side by side with my mother's, there is a sizing number and other differences. The bracelet feels as if its about to fall off but the one in store fit perfectly. Thankfully the seller so far has been nice so I hope they understand my concerns. I will wait for other people to chime in and try my best to take it to a Cartier shop

I will just save for a little longer and buy it from the shop, its not worth the worry
Oct 6, 2007
the screw motif looks "off" it looks thicker then my bracelet...besides my observations I cannot authenticate it but the bracelet does look strange. I would send it back and buy from the store for your peace of mind.
Aug 19, 2013
Hm...I´ve never seen a Love bracelet in person so I can´t help with anything. But for the "bigger" opening I can say that Gold is pretty soft and maybe it could be bended. Maybe it was too small for the previous owner...
But if you don´t feel good about it, I would´t keep it. Can you return it?


Nov 24, 2008
Thanks for the opinions everyone

LovingDiamonds, I am going to contact the ebay seller and see what they say. Re the opening, if you could see it in person and how it fits, it's very different to how it fit when I tried it on in Cartier, the shape is different. I'm not sure if the opening has stretched but if it has it seems to have stretched by a large amount.

Also, does anyone know what that mark on the inside could be? I don't know much about gold but I didn't think it could 'mark' like that?


Nov 24, 2008

I am sorry but to disagree with the rest of the posters, but I believe your love cuff
is an authentic Cartier.

Thanks, can you please elaborate on why you disagree? What everyone else has pointed out confirms my initial assessment but as I said, I only have the full love bracelet to compare it with, I'm not an expert. I've also been going research comparing the engravings which further confirms my doubts

But if you believe it is authentic please let me know why, it would be very helpful.

here's a comparison I quickly made of two authentic cuffs vs the one I received



Feb 9, 2012
I really apologize for my first post...I went to inspect my Cartier cuff along side with yours after I posted. But I think it is the auction that really set me off to doubt its authenticity. Sorry to do that to your poor nerves!
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