Owners of Cartier LOVE cuff - please help! Real box, fake bracelet?

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  1. Hm, I would wait until tomorrow morning and then maybe even first call ebay and ask them what to do. Not that you open a case and you have no chance in getting buyers protection. Maybe they will need you to get it authenticated at Cartier and if you can´t do that you have already alerted the seller.
    But of course buyers protection from ebay and/or PayPal will help you - I´m just not sure if they need more than just the plain suspicion of yours that the bracelet is fake...
    Just get informed first, before doing anything against the seller. I think you can still call ebay now. They will tell you what to do and how to do it right.
    This is how I would do it. I hope that helps you!
  2. Hey I just wanted to confirm your suspicions - it's a fake. The hallmarks give it away for me - the letters are thicker in certain parts (like the top of the C") than the real ones. Also the letters are not filled in with black like the real ones are. Does it even have the size listed? Also when I tried on the cuff it had a less wide gap in the back. Don't feel like a fool - it is one if the better fakes I have ever seen (even without the box) - the hallmarks look almost right.
  3. Feel very sorry for you, must be so disappointing but it's a fake (too wide opening and no size number cannot mean anything else). Hope you can get you money back quickly.

    Keep us posted, it will certainly help future buyers.
  4. I called ebay, they advised me to open a case and said the funds will be frozen. The only thing troubling me is that ebay said should the seller not refund, I will have to 'prove' its fake by Cartier 'or anyone else who sells the jewellery'. I explained that Cartier do not authenticate. Would should I do if that's the case? They have no obligation to authenticate and obviously no one else is permitted to carry Cartier jewellery. Does anyone know if there's someone like Carol Diva who does Cartier authentication? It's making me feel quite sick thinking it will come to that and being stuck
  5. No, there's no size listed. The gap thing is a major thing I'm starting to realise, I can push the cuff halfway to the elbow and the opening it big enough to be pushed on halfway up too and I know how its supposed to fit, plus it's incredibly light in weight
  6. You must find someone here or elsewhere that does appraisals and get it done even at some cost to get your money back. Do not let them get away with it. If ebay contacts you say you are getting an expert appraisal to prove your point. I'm sure someone here has a degree. I have a list of people around the country if you need to PM me for more info.
  7. Maybe go to Cartier and give them the serial number on the cuff and ask them to check if it's in their system.
  8. I don't mind how much I have to pay, I will do whatever I need to do. For now I'm remaining calm because it's a waiting game but then I think of the fact that the seller who was always responsive is quiet and will probably ignore me now and what stress it will mean taking it to Cartier and asking them to authenticate...let alone the money at stake.

    I have taken close-up pictures with thus cuff and a real bracelet. Pictures speak for themselves.

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  9. I wonder if you can send another message to the buyer requesting a return. Say that unfortunately, you doubt the bracelet is real....Maybe she/he will get scared and will refund you. I am not sure how it's done.....
    But don't get too upset I am sure you will get your money back. It's not like you paid $3 for it.
    Keep us posted! Good Luck!
  10. Did you use a credit card when you paid with paypal?
  11. I'm so sorry. I would open a case with Ebay immediately as they have advised - do not wait for any further communication from the seller - and post details on the Ebay sub-forum here on TPF as there are some very knowledgable ladies on there who can advise you exactly how to proceed. They can also give you recommendations over what authentication service you can use to demonstrate that the cuff is fake to Ebay.
  12. The seller replied and said its authentic
  13. I believe Authenticate4U may still do Cartier authentications (not sure if they do the LOVE jewelry though; their site says they do Cartier watches), but you might want to see if any of the ladies on here can give you any feedback about A4U's Cartier authentications. It looks like Preloved Luxury also does Cartier, but I'm not sure if they're recognized by Ebay for disputes like yours.

    Good luck, and try to not worry! I'm fairly certain you'll get your money back.
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