Overcharged on shipping (again!)

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  1. Please feel free to ignore me while I gripe. I'm just very frustrated right now! I purchased two small coach wallets (one is a wallet, one is a card case) on eBay today and I was excited until I got my invoice and it says I have to pay $18.95 for shipping WITHIN the US! I'm in Idaho, the seller is in IL. I'm positive that these two wallets together weigh less than one pound. Why do sellers see the need to gouge their buyers on shipping? I've emailed her to see if it is for overnight/express shipping. If so, then I'd understand. I never overcharge on shipping!! If anything, I tend to undercharge!!! ugh. Thanks for listening :cursing:
  2. I don't understand how some sellers have the nerve. I am often too shy to even ask for anything beyond exact postage. I never charge "handling" fees or whatever. Maybe that's my naivety as a seller, but as a buyer I've been turned off from bidding on auctions with ridiculous shipping costs.
  3. Maybe its insurance? I sold a tiny little coach purse with insurance and the shipping was nearly $25.
  4. I do make money off of my shipping. I don't know about Coach but most people who sell LV or Chanel do. Nobody ever complains about it because they are usually getting such a great deal on the bag! I charge $25 for shipping w/ in the 48 states. O/W its more! If you're saving $500+ on abag who really cares about $25 KWIM?

    How much did you save on these 2 items as opposed to buying them in the store?
  5. My s/h fees may sound outrageous but I have yet to make money off of it. I am not selling within the US so it costs me more. However, I am competing with sellers in the US which make it harder for me. Perhaps they are including the supplies, gas, as well as shipping. They may not be pocketing that much after all?:shrugs:
  6. I understand that, I just wish I had been told ahead of time. It's my fault for not reading more. The shipping was listed as $10, so I was shocked when it was doubled. I see what you are saying about getting a great deal, but that is the reason I look on eBay, I can't afford retail! :sad:
  7. That really stinks. When I sell multiple items to eBay customers, I automatically adjust the shipping to reflect the items in one package (saving the buyer a good amount of $$). This seller may be within "legal" grounds but he/she certainly is not ethical.
  8. its not right if shipping is listed different on the listing then when you get an invoice

    but i always up shipping from what it will actually cost to cover my ebay fees for listing and selling the item or else i wind up loosing too much $$ cause i give such good prices already soo :smile: but usually i do $12-20 (tops!)
  9. what was the price for shipping listed on the auction. it's wrong if someone marks it up after the auction is over, but if its listed, you're agreeing to whatever it is when you bid. Also it sucks, but sellers aren't required to combine shipping.
  10. Well they are going to start a new rating feedback system for sellers. You give stars for shipping and communication and item as described etc. Great for buyers. Not so good for sellers who do the best they can. No star system for crappy late paying buyers. No offense to the great buyers.
  11. what did the seller say the shipping would cost in the auction?
  12. You must pay whatever the auction states since you did bid on the items. All you can do is be careful next time and understand the sellers terms before bidding.
    I absolutely never make any money by up charging on shipping. Ebays policy to start with says:
    Even though I do not do it, $5.00 above the cost of actual shipping is plenty! You're supposed to put your costs in the price of the item being sold. I will not pay 15 to 25.00 shipping on a handbag in the US. Priority boxes are FREE and with careful shopping other materials are cheap. Those shipping costs are ludicrous and it spoils the joy of getting a great price on an item.
    Sorry, its one of my sore spots and I report daily excessive/fee circumventing auctions. If nothing else, shipping gougers are violating listing policy at the expense of buyers and if they break that policy I wonder what other policies they break.
  13. I shipped a bag FedEx two day with $800 insurance and it came out to be around $15, and that's with a corporate shipping discount!! That's not including the brand new box and bubble wrap that I had to pay for since FedEx doesn't supply boxes that big for free. Doesn't handling also include time/gas going to the shipping office?

    Anyway, I charge only $15 for my s&h, so I'm clearly not overcharging.

    I think depending on the cost of the item and if there's insurance included, anywhere up to $25 domestic shipping is reasonable. And I don't even know what regular shipping costs are since all my shipping is discounted.
  14. Insurance on an expensive item should always be a charge above the posted shipping charge and should be clear in the auction. If you're selling a handbag on auction, there is no way to determine the insurance rate until the auction is over so how can you post a 25.00 shipping charge to include insurance is you don't know what the total price of the bag will be until the auction is over? When I commented on shipping overcharges at 25.00 U.S. it was an assumption that the bag would be sent USPS regular priority. Not 2 day, not FED EX, not UPS, which are always higher in cost. As long as the method of shipping is stated, it at least gives the buyer the option to bid with that seller or not. I just know that I sent a LARGE Coach tote to California from NY with its large Coach box, shopping bag, dust bag and packing paper in a laptop box which was huge, insured it and sent it USPS priority for under 17.00. That was an exceptional package with all those extras. Normally it costs 7.00 or less to ship a bag plus insurance and confirmation. The boxes are free. Its a better deal for the buyer and the seller not having to buy and hunt down boxes.
  15. hmmm.. i add $2 to whatever the usps rate for priority mail is. that's to cover my packaging supplies ( i.e bubble wrap, boxes, packaing peanuts etc). i think that's pretty fair, in your case she may have done the same but she should have told you..