Outlet Lily and Outlet "Tote" Spy Pics

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  1. The outlet version of Lily is out and is 30% off price on sign and also the additional 20% coupon. It comes in gold, green, and brown ans also has matching "Lily" wallets.
    This "tote" is now 30% off also -
  2. Thanks for posting these, Nancy!!!

    Wow, I seriously likey...especially the totes :tup: And did I do the math right, would the Lily satchel be approx. $145 :nuts: What's the lining like? Did you happen to take a peek? I'm assuming they are also lighter than the original version...thanks again!
  3. OMG that tote is great!!!!!!
  4. yes, inquiring minds want to know....what does the lining on the lily version look like? i know the tote has horizontal LS lining but i'm curious to know about the lily look a like. guess it doesn't have a name but just a number.
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    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    The inside is plain black on the "Lily" and also the matching wallets. Only the tote has the Legacy stripes.

    I bought a wallet and it is called Leg Lth Tnlk Zp Arnd
    Style # F41151

    Much lighter than original Lily. I have the original Lily and was suprised that I kinda liked the outlet version - Gasp!

    I did not buy one - but your math is probably right. The wallet was $82.56

  6. OMG - I just called two of my stores and they do not have the additional 30% :thinking:
  7. Thanks for the Spy Pics!! Was this at L'burg?

    I'm really liking the Totes, but :shrugs: about the MFF lily's. The turnlocks look strange on the bag. Do you know what kind of lining the lily's have?
  8. Are they 30% ? The one I got this morning was 20% and an extra 20% with the coupon.
  9. I love that tote!! Didn't see it at my outlet yesterday though.
  10. LOL.. oops guess my lining question was answered before I hit the submit button!
  11. So what does the tote come out to? 20% off the $199 + the 20% coupon?
  12. Awesome spy pic's... Love the Tote, I like the Lily but not with out the Legacy Strip
  13. Wow, I think I am going to have to take back the bags I just bought and get these instead, since I am having a terrible time finding an original lily!
  14. Was at Leesburg VA - black lining - 20% AND 20% coupon -
    Nice bag

    30% was an error on my part - its 20 and 20
  15. I need one of those totes! I did the math and with tax it will come to about $140. Thats a really good price.. I hope my outlet has one.