Outing myself, can't keep quiet any longer!

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  1. :welcome2:
    If you call back, Im sure you can extend your hold until tomorrow. They do it all the time. GL!
  2. Which color did you put on hold?
  3. I called to have a peyton put on hold and they wouldn't do it because it was on clearance:nuts:- just have to hope there is one left tomorrow morn!
  4. Oh yes, they have plenty and the Green one is soooooooooo nice...

    :welcome2::tpfrox: Enjoy the Pures Lust/Addiction we all do (LOL)
  5. My outlet in TN puts out new merchandise on Friday so I'm going to wait and go then!!
  6. This post is so funny!

    I just skipped my lunch hour and asked my boss if I could leave early - just to get to a friggin' outlet!! I'll probably run from my car to the store! HAHAHAHA (I'm not kidding!)