Outing myself, can't keep quiet any longer!

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  1. Hi my name is Carrie and you people are killing me!:nuts:

    I have an BIG meeting tomorrow and ALL I can think about is where to go to get a Peyton with my 20% off coupon. And which color is best, the green pearlized, the white patent, the grey patent?

    If I wait till after my meeting do you think they will still have them? :nuts: Maybe they will all sell out like wildfire today.:P Maybe something crazy will happen and UPS won't be able to deliver to the outlets tomorrow and I should pick up the one I already have on hold today?!:nuts: I should wait till after my meeting and if it goes well can I reward myself!:yahoo: Maybe I can finish all my prep for my meeting and hit the outlet TODAY??!!? :nuts:Crazy talk, will never happen.

    And now bunny just posted a new pic of the new MFF Lily and I might just lose my mind!

    Wheeeeeeeeeew. Now that I got all that out of my system maybe I can just get on with my meeting prep.:biggrin:

    But seriously, do you think I will find a Peyton tomorrow?;)

  2. I am and work and I am ready to get go so I can drive and get my gunmetal Peyton - this ismy fav color
  3. Also been trying how to figure out if I can leave work early.
    Not gonna happen. :sad:
  4. You gals are lucky to even get to your outlet today!! :biggrin:
  5. I don't even have an outlet close by so I can't even enjoy the extra 20% off coupon.
    If I did have an outlet close you better believe I would try my best to be there when they first open.
    They should restock tomorrow right? So maybe if you go first thing they will have some more Peyton's ready for you to take home.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum!
  6. I am 1 hour away from one :yahoo:
  7. How far are you from the outlet
  8. haha, this forum kills me during final papers each semester... I'm trying to work and all I can think about is Coach ;)
    You could always call your outlet and have a Peyton put on hold. Now I'm off to check out Bunny's MFF Lily find...
  9. I need to see a pic of this mff lily!!! What's the link? Or someone post a pic!!!
  10. Lburg had some pat. white and reg. white leather peytons, and the green pearlized and saddle that were there are LONG gone.
  11. Crap. Where is pic of Lily by Bunny? I will find it. LOL

    I cant leave work early today either. DANG. I feel you for sure.
  12. Back. Made some progress on my meeting stuff... Now I am back. Ackkkk!

    I have too many outlets nearby. 3 about an hour away, and 1 about 2 hours away. I'm in Northern California. And I called all of them yesterday AND put a Peyton on hold. But there is really no way I could get out there today. Best bet is tomorrow after my meeting.

  13. Your post cracked me up. The same thing happens to me. Everyone starts talking about the coupon and going to the outlets and it is all I can think about. So, I am contemplating if I want to do the 5 hr. round trip to the outlet yet again or if I should wait. I am sure they'll do the coupon again if they already brought it back??!!?? What to do?
  14. There is a coupon? Well crap!!! Oh well, the Peyton I got on vacation wasn't one available here at my local outlet anyway.

    Girl if you can leave work, go for it!!!!