Our Hero...Bonnie Cashin!

coach toujours

Feb 17, 2009
Bonnie Cashin was a brilliant visionary. Whether people know it or not, the world will forever enjoy Bonnie's creations as they keep resurfacing time and time again, making "Cashin Carry" pieces timeless. In 1960, the entrepreneurs of Coach approached Bonnie Cashin and waited 2 years for her to clear her calendar. They were very smart to wait because Coach would not be what it is today without Bonnie. All of us here on tPf love turnlocks...that was Bonnie. Legacy stripes...that was Bonnie. Kiss locks and beautiful fun colors...that was Bonnie.

There is an online exhibit called "Chic is where you find it." Maybe some of you have seen it already, but I just stumbled upon it last week and found it very intriguing. You can check it out below:

Chic is where you find it. - UCLA Exhibit

Ok everyone, let's give it up to Bonnie because without her, we would not have our beloved Coach of today.

There are many great images to give you prospective on Bonnie's life and creations, but here are some images from the exhibit which I thought were fun - Bonnie's 'to die for' closet!

Cashin's "boutique"-style closet, featured in House and Garden, July 1969.


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Aug 21, 2008
In all reality Bonnie Cashin deserves to be just as recognized and respected as Coco Chanel for her vision into the future!!! Her designs are timeless...we can see that when you log onto the bay and see beat up Cashin pieces going for $200-$300 bucks if not MORE!!!

She was all about TIMELESS pieces just like Coco, she was just a little more "under the radar." Coach was brilliant to wait the 2 years for her to clear her calander, look what parts of her are still being utilized today!!!