Orla Kiely Thread

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  1. I just love..."Orla Kiely" handbags. Anybody else :heart: Orla Kiely handbags. :graucho:

    Just ordered my first one...and I can't wait to get it. :yahoo::nuts::yahoo:

    Post comments or pics of your beloved bags.
  2. i have an orla keily clutch. its a camel brown suede with orange patent design. it is the cutest thing. i've had it for about 4 years now.
  3. I've been wanting to get one for a while now! I can't pick a print though!
  4. I have an Orla Kiely continental wallet. It's a pecan brown with that alfalfa design she has on everything, in cream. It's laminated canvas or whatever it's called..

    It's 2 years old and looks brand new! I love it!!
  5. Sounds great...would love to see a pic.

  6. Oh I know...she has alot of great patterns. The one that I'm getting is the multi stem.

  7. Yes it is laminated canvas...some call it oil cloth. I think the handbag will be great for those rainy days. Also her bags are just different and fun looking.

  8. I've had an Orla Kiely shoulder bag for several years. It's canvas, not oilcloth, & is the pink leaf stem print on a red background. It's great, it comes out every summer & is used on my summer holidays.
    I'm not overly keen on her leather bags but I love her print ones.
  9. Yes...I don't like the look of her leather bags either...would much rather have a leather Mulberry. I love the prints...the one that I'm receiving is from her S/S 08 Multi Color Stem. I'm excited...it should arrive sometime today.

  10. Ahhh Orla Kiely. I haven't heard that name in awhile! :shame: I did have one of her bags and I just didn't care for the shape. I also had a wallet of hers and returned that also. Now that I think about it, I should have kept the wallet. I could always buy another. I think the only thing that bugged me, was the fact that her backgrounds were a little bland for me. I thought that the patterns would pop and look a lot fresher than they did if she wasn't using such a really dark eggshell, almost brownish, ivory color. Just my opinion....:wlae:
  11. i don't have any Orla Kiely bags, but I really like the designs. so pretty.

    my favorite one is this pattern. love it!
  12. This is a pic of the handbag that I'm getting. I just love the colors. :heart:

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  13. That's so funny...that is the exact pattern that I'm getting in the shoulder bag. :tup:

  14. Jarmom I have two Orla bags in that same style you are getting. One is a ble stem print and the other is a flower one that is really my favorite, but it was only out last year. You will love the bags. So much fun.
  15. Oh thanks...the one I'm getting is sold out most places. So I guess each year she comes out with different patterns and doesn't repeat them again. :woohoo: