Original print

  1. That's because it's fake. That is the biggest fake eBay tokidoki seller.
  2. i did not know. i was just looking through to posts...
  3. hmm? yeah it's that karyna girl again..she does this all the time. she's a horrible eBay seller. just dont buy from her :smile:
  4. yeah, the original has green pulls but they don't look like that!:lol: :lol: dangerous it looks almost real but it doesn't.
  5. yea I hadn't planned on it. I just wasn't sure if the original had some odd characteristics.
  6. nahh, the hardware is supposed to be shiny and that girl..she doesnt even pay attention to the details like that. It is green..but it's not that dull haha. Plus the qee is missing the star on the left arm lolz. That girl is totally dumb.
  7. yea i just read through her feedback. I rarely bid on anything on eBay if feedback is under 99%...and she is getting a decent amount of money for that crap.
  8. Looks like she painted it green :huh:
  9. Yeah, it's crazy people pay for it huh? idk, but she has like over 40 negative feedback...i hate that it doesn't show you after 30 days or whatever though....

    Yes, it looks painted green hahaa. So sad, poor bag.
  10. i think it should 90 days! it's fair.
  11. ummm..... you can see ALL the feedback. Going back FOREVER.

    I was looking at old feedback just today for a seller I'm considering buying something from. All the way back to September 2003. I always go back and find the negatives and read them cause sometimes they are put out there by really stupid people....
  12. I think maybe you need to teach me how to do that then lolz...cuz I'm a bit dumb when it comes to eBay -- well except buying lol.
  13. I just got my first retaliation negative feedback today because i gave a seller a neutral for poor packaging and slow shipping. He sent me a dunny in a plain yellow envelope with no protection at all- no bubble wrap, no box for dunny, no card. I knew it wouldn't come with its original box or card(after i won it), but to send it that way? I was afraid to open it because it was all crinkled. I thought maybe it would be damaged or something. then he calls me a liar and a con artist and that I took forever to pay when i paid one hour after the auction ended! I'm having a lot of bad experiences with ebay lately.

    Further, we live in the same city- maybe a 20 min drive from our neighborhoods, and it too over 2 weeks to get here, while stuff I won later out of state got here in 2-5 days max.
  14. Wow..so sorry to hear that...that seller is a stupid liar...who is this seller if you dont mind telling us so that we can avoid this person in our future purchases??

    If he didnt live that far from you first class mail wouldnt take that long???