Orangutans Attend 'Jungle School' So They Can Be Returned To Safe Forests:*PICS*

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  1. [​IMG]
    A baby uses a laundry basket for a quick nap.
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Just hanging around: A leisurely afternoon in a comfortable environment
  3. Orphaned by hunters who hack their mothers to death, or victims of loggers destroying their forest, these wide-eyed, innocent orangutans have found a sanctuary to protect them.

    And their unlikely new ‘mummy’? Former air-hostess Lone Droscher-Nielsen and her Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.
    She has dedicated her life to saving orangutans whose habitat is being razed by bulldozers - without her, it is unlikely that any of these babies would be alive today. Now they attend ‘jungle school’ so they can be returned to safe forests.

    World News.
  4. God bless that woman and her rescue group!

    Thanks for posting PradasMeadow! :smile:
  5. These photos are priceless! I wonder where they plan to release them to though because sadly there are no safe forests...:sad:
  6. Can't see the pics but God bless her! The plight of those poor animals drives me crazy! I cried my eyes out at "Gorillas in the Mist" & "Instinct"

    Pics appeared as i was leaving, I was too impatient :0 adorable, thanks for posting Prada :smile:
  7. I know ..... I just hope they make it somehow.
  8. Oh, I'm glad you can see them ! :smile: They're just so adorable arent they ?
  9. Your welcome:smile:

    God bless her indeed :heart:
  10. Wow !! I'm signing up to become a BOS member. Its such a worthy cause.

    Thanks for the link. I saw the story and loved it. So happy we can help. ( Hubby gave me the nod )

    Thanks again Bagnshoo :heart:
  11. Actually, there are so many options on there site. Its amazing !!
  12. Isn't it great? I just bought a years worth of browse and a months worth of fruit/veggies. Bookmarking it for sure.
  13. ahh! I need to adopt a few of these little guys! :crybaby:
    did you see the "adopt an orangutan"?
  14. Oh Boy ! Here I was just sitting here wondering how I could help. I'm also going to forward the link to a couple of friends of mine that are teachers here in the City. I would love to see Schools/children get involved in preserving these wonderful creatures.