Orange Paddington at Saks

  1. Hi guys!
    I had to make a quick trip to return an item at Saks Willowbend/Plano Tx and just had to stop by the Chloe counter and ask about sales for you guys!
    The only one on sale was a large totelike Paddy, it has the zipper and lock around the bottom. It was more than 50% off!! I promise I had her scan it twice and she said 556. It is so cute!! I wish I could carry an orange one. This was only an hour ago. There is no sale tag on it so perhaps if anyone is interested it will be there in the morning.
    Checked Neimans and there was nothing left. Wow do they have a selection of breathtaking bags! They must have 40 Chloes on display! Let me know if I can help.
  2. What is the name of the SA you spoke with. I am calling first thing in the AM.
  3. I am so sorry, I didn't get her name. I was rushing to Dinner.
    I PM'd you some additional info.
    I hope it finds a nice home!
  4. pquiles, did you get it?? Goodness $556??? If you didn't get it, I want it lol!
  5. SA I spoke to this morning told me it was reg price so I didn't get it. Thought I'd call again so when I got home from work, called, spoke to a different SA who told me they sold it this AM. I am bummed!!!!!!
  6. $556! They are giving that away.
    pquiles, have them do a locator, they can check the other stores and find you one.
  7. hehe!!!
  8. Nordstroms had orange paddys as well and they price match Saks. maggie
  9. Wearsdasamethin, did you get my bag?????

    MuzMars, how do I do that? Just call and ask?
  10. your bag? HAHA

    nordstroms DOES price match, all you do is find the bag, have them call saks to verify price and they price match it. However, its up to each department if they want to price match.
  11. Wearsdasamethin and MuzMars, Do you guys know if the bag is called the shopper? I am trying to locate it at a Nordstrom store. One of the SA is trying to help me, but I needed to know what the bag is called.
  12. Hi pquiles. I am so sorry that the morning SA at Saks was misinformed. I hope you can get it! I think the whole pricing thing was a big fiasco. I am now even having regrets that I didn't snatch it up the other nite when I was there. It was so cute.
    I found a pic of it. It is at, go to the collections, hit Autumn 06, then Index, it is page 27 of the pics. They called it the Paddy shopper w/zipper in orange.
    Let me know if you need anything else.
  13. Hi...Nordstrom at both the grove in la and my local one called it the satchel. My understanding is that when it is another department store like bloomies, saks etc. they do automatically match. It's when its on line only or a boutique like aloha rag that they make a choice and is dependent on the store/depart. maggie
  14. Also Nordstrom matched the list price of aloha rag for me which was lower than the nordstrom list. maggie
  15. I've been calling Nordstrom all over the country. Told it has to be the same color to price match. Also told that I need a print out so the price can be verified. Wow... I've been at this for about a little over 3 hours.